39 years of glorious service of DMP

--Md. Abdul Jalil

Dhaka Metropolitan Police was established on 1st February, 1976 to protect the life and property of the city dwellers and to keep the peace in the city. The anniversary is very significant, as people from all walks of life and representing different views and areas of society meet together with DMP. Hopes and ideas are exchanged through discussions which will help formulate polices and develop relationships with the community for the corning year and for the future.

All but a few of the last year’s plans have been implemented. Of all the plans, the most important ones were to crack down on dacoity and drug crimes. We have performed very well in both dacoity and drug areas. The detection rate in dacoity cases is 70.21% and in drug cases is 96.4%. The city dwellers have a safer place to live and work when the cases are detected and associated criminals are booked and punished. Another implementation was fostering a range of cooperation initiatives and widening Community partnership with the DMP. This area also was a good success. Mahalla Community Policing Committees are 542; Ward Committees are 210, Ward Coordination Committees are 117, Union Coordination Committees are 23, and Thana Coordination Committees are 48. The Total members of these Committees are 22821. There are 126 citizens’ Safety Committees and the number of their members is 13692. 1423 cases have been reduced during the past year from the number of cases registered during 2012. This reduction in crime is the result of improved Police-Public relations and more dedicated, committed services rendered by the Police.

DMP has achieved progress in development and refurbishment. These include construction of the main gate of DMP, vertical expansion of the office building of DMP H.Q, construction of pukka staircase at the pond at Rajarbag Police Lines, construction of offices for SI Force, a mural on the wall of Rajarbag Police Lines Parade Ground, construction of a motorcycle and bicycle stand, modernization of the police shopping mall, paving the mess dining halls with tiles, refurbishing canteens at the Rajarbag Police Lines, construction of a store room for the event management, improving the central library and cyber cafe at Rajarbag Police Lines, construction of a vehicle parking lot, modernization of the Central Command Center located at Abdul Goni Road, construction of multipurpose hall at Mirpur POM, improving canteen facilities, ensuring rooms are available to be used as guest house, setting up a fitness centre at DMP H.Q, construction of the main gate at POM, construction of a sentry post, improving dining halls with tiles on the floor, gas connection to messes, overall repairing of all the barracks of POM, a Mobile automated Watch Tower. DMP has also increased its manpower both in the number of positions and the number of Police stations. Today DMP is manned by 26,000 personnel. There are 49 Police Stations, 16 Crime Zones, 16 Traffic Zones, 8 Patrol Zones, 31 Divisions, 9 Joint Commissioner and 5 Additional Commissioners.

Digitalization is one of the top priorities of DMP. New addition to ongoing digitalization includes-

a) Human Resources Locator, b) DMP Digital Map, c) Morning Report, d) Modernized Central Command Centre for operational purpose, e) Automated Salary distribution System, f) Security application for Android Mobile, g) Mobile Command Centre, h)Watch tower fit in with CCTV and; a) Crime investigation and Record Management software, b) Office corresponds, file tracking and monitoring software, c) Video conference process of DMP HQ with 31 DC offices and 40 Police Stations, d) Call centre, e) Automated Reserve Office, f) Meeting minutes and letter dispatch, g) Inventory System with Barcode, h) Vehicle Management System, i) Help desk for citizens,  j) To bring to use IP phone, k) Integrated CCTV surveillance System all over the city, I) Developing software to contain information of new arrivals are just a few of the programs under implementation.

Vehicles are very essential for police work. Ford Ranger double cabin pick-up, 18 L-200 Spoter double cabin pickup, 4 Toyota double cabin pick-up, 3 petrol zeeps, 5 cars, 15 CVZ Honda and 3 APC in all 84 vehicles and bikes have been added to vehicle fleet of DMP.


Despite the constant engagement with law and order situation for last few months; the crime activities were equally heeded. 21401 cases were registered with different police stations of DMP during 2013. Charge sheets have already been submitted against 16396 cases. Articles of different kinds recovered during 2013 include- Fake currency of Bangladesh and other countries worth Taka 3 crore 33 lakh 34 thousand 16, along with materials used in manufacturing the fake currencies: 52868 bottles of Phensydile, 204924 Yaba, 26Kg 855gm and 6703 packets containing Heroin, 1680 bottles and 809 Liters of country made alcohol, 310 bottles (116liters) foreign alcohol, 418 bottles (3918 liters) local alcohol, 5135 can beer, 23585 ample injections, 24 foreign Revolvers, 5 country made Pistols, I LG, I Shooter gun, 5 shutter guns, 5 guns, 2 pipe guns, 815 magazines, 122 other weapons, 307 bombs, 570 cocktails, 40054 Chocolate bombs, 2Kg 450gm gun powder, 250gm phosphorus, 230gm potash, 26 liters 3 bottles petrol, 240 pieces patkas, 10kg 750gm explosive substances, 9 Gas masks, 49 Sprinters, 4 Petrol bombs and 262 vehicles.

622859 cases have been cited upon the violators of traffic rules, collected Taka22,38,70,300 as fine and deposited the money in the Government Treasury.

DMP pays much attention to the welfare of the forces. Welfare is a continuous process and some areas which are not officially much binding but very essential in our day to day life. Such activities performed during 2013 include sending 45 dead bodies by police vehicles and under police supervision, arranged for treatment in different hospitals in the city of 44 grievously injured and 209 injured persons. One was also sent overseas and treated. 66752 members of DMP have been provided with health information Book. 75 persons above 40 years of age have been health checked, 367 persons were given 7,68,064 Taka from welfare fund for treatment, 18 persons grievously injured have been given 2,55,000 Taka for treatment and 6,00,000 Taka was given to 6 bereaved families and 7,40,000 Taka have been given to 37 families at the time of sending dead bodies for burial, 37 students have been awarded with stipend for doing well in the SSC and 26 for excellent result in the HSC. 100 students have been offered scholarship from honorable Prime Minister’s fund to encourage them to pursue studies attentively and enthusiastically, DMP forces have opportunity for pathological test at a discount under MOU signed with Popular Hospital, an ambulance fitted with devices needed for intensive care has been obtained from a sponsor, food and management at the canteen and barrack messes have been improved, Blood Bank has collected 1870 bags blood, has examined blood group of 5117 persons for free, 1329 persons have been included in the BBP as donors, The preservation system of Police Shopping Mall has been made better.

The year 2013 was professionally challenging year for Dhaka Metropolitan Police. Deliberate attempts were made to destabilize the Government, to unseat the Government, to make Bangladesh without the Government; Dhaka Metropolitan Police handled the crises professionally and with due courage, fortitude and tact secured the life and property of the citizens as well as the property of the Government of Bangladesh successfully. The events of 5th May 2013 were an acid test of professional skill of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. It was a preplanned endeavor to create an anarchy too huge for Dhaka Metropolitan Police to handle. The Police performed their duties with professionalism and tact. Petrol bomb was thrown at bus at Shahbag crossing on 28.1 1.2013, Petrol bomb was thrown at bus at Bangia motor crossing on 24.12.2013, wounding and killing the police on duty but it could not dissuade tough and resilient Dhaka Metropolitan Police from fulfilling their commitments to secure the life and property of the citizens and keep the peace in the city at any cost. Dhaka Metropolitan Police provided all out security in order to hold 1Oth national election in 1021 centers in Dhaka Metropolitan Area. Dhaka Metropolitan Police has made so a worthwhile sacrifice in discharging their duties for maintaining law and order and keeping the peace will remain unfaded in years to come. Nine persons have laid down their lives, 44 persons sustained grievous injuries and 209 persons were wounded while they were on duties. We pray for the salvation of the departed souls. We express our heartiest condolence to bereaved families and our sympathies with families who have had the dear ones injured while they were on duty.

DMP Comissionr

Plan of Dhaka Metropolitan Police for 2014

1.         To procure 300 patrol vehicles for Police Stations of DMP.

2.         To acquire Air Surveillance System.

3.         To procure 4 helicopters for emergency law and order, rescue and evacuation.


4.         To introduce Small Arms for all members of DMP.

5.         To procure technology for crime prevention, detection and law and order.

6.         To expedite investigation of cases.

7.         To take measures to reduce fear of crime.

8.         To replace statement based investigation by full forensic based investigation.

9.         To ensure better mess facilities, cleanliness and hygienic conditions of all barracks.

10.       To arrange training for increasing efficiency of the members of POM and SAF.

11.       To conduct Programs to generate traffic awareness among the general population.

12.       To train the officers employed in the procurement of supplies for DMP.

13.       Develop ICT into full fledged and self sufficient unit with required IT experts and equipment..

14.       Generating IT awareness and Expanding IT training facilities among all officers and forces of DMP.

15.       To create a pool of resources with computer know-how to run day to day IT activities and by phases to educate all the officers so that everybody can use computers in carrying out every body’s assigned duties.

16.       Monitoring Criminals & Potential Criminals through Digital technology and modem world class software.

17.       Make DMP as the best digitally equipped Police force in South Asia.

18.       Paperless DMP.

In partnership with the city dwellers we desire to build flawless security and uninterrupted peace and tranquility in Dhaka city. We want each and every honoured citizen to be with us in fulfilling our dream.