Global Navigation Satellite System-Continuously Operating Reference Stations’ Network in Bangladesh

--Nayon Chandra Sarker, Assistant Director

Nayon Chandra

Survey of Bangladesh (SOB), the National Surveying and Mapping organization of Bangladesh is the competent authority in providing both horizontal and vertical control data to the surveying community in Bangladesh. By setting up geodetic infrastructure throughout the country it provides data for the purpose of national development, security and defense. In line with the government’s endeavor to improve its public service delivery mechanism, there have been many initiatives made by SOB. One of them is the establishment of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) Network to render positioning service to the GNSS users.

GNSS-CORS at Dhaka

GNSS-CORS Network is able to monitor closely the earth crust movement effectively and the data are used to predict future land related disasters. Establishment of GNSS stations in Bangladesh will help predicting the earthquake to facilitate quick disaster mitigation, response and preparedness. The Network provides accurate positioning service to the GNSS users for RTK (Real Time Kinematic) survey and Post Processing by providing reference GNSS (GPS) data and correction messages through signaling and data transfer.

GNSS Stations also helps updating geodetic control points more precisely and quickly in conformation with latest International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) and contributes significantly in all developmental construction works and geological applications.

SOB designs GNSS-CORS Network in two levels. 6 stations (Picture-1) are established at primary level and additional 50-60 stations (Picture-2) are planned to be established at secondary level in near future.


Picture-1                                                                                Picture-2

Primary GNSS-CORS Network composed of 6 stations (Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur and Moulavi Bazar) covering whole Bangladesh and a Data Centre (Server) at SOB was established and made operational in December 2011. Collected data from these 6 stations are stored in Server. At present Standard RINEX format at 1 second epoch data and single station RTK correction is available through internet.



SOB provides connection to the geo-information users on payment. However, connection to some govt. organizations are already provided free of cost for trial basis. In near future all GNSS users will be able to connect to this network for their precision results. SOB opens the door for global geospatial communities in Bangladesh.nayon-8