Administrative Activities of Survey of Bangladesh

--Md. Ayub Hossain, Deputy Dircetor(Admin)

Md Ayab Hossain

Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) is the National Mapping Organization (NMO) of Bangladesh and it is one of the most important department of Bangladesh government. This department is under the Ministry of Defense. Survey of Bangladesh has been declared as KPI category A-1 by Bangladesh government.

Total authorized manpower is 893. Surveyor General is the Head of the organization. Two Directors, Assistant Surveyor General, Ten Deputy Directors (Survey), Deputy Director (Admin) and Manager support Surveyor General in technical and administrative matter.


Survey of Bangladesh (SOB)

Survey of  Bangladesh (SOB) has two categories of staff i.e. technical and administrative. Technical staffs are responsible for surveying, mapping, GIS data base, Ariel photography etc.

Administrative staffs are responsible to maintain effective administrative activities of Survey of Bangladesh. One of the important responsibilities of administrative staffs is to develop a budget through detail planning on the basis of The Medium-Term budget framework (MTBF) as per government instructions that issues time to time and ensure implementation of the plan effectively.

Survey of  Bangladesh (SOB) earns revenue income through selling various types of maps and geo-spatial data (height and co-ordinate of Geodatic Control Point, Tidal data, GIS database etc.) to the stake holders and common citizens.

The department arranges regular departmental Training courses for its officers and employees every year. SOB also provides training to the officers/staffs of the other departments. SOB sends its officers/staffs to various national training centers such as Bangla Academy, Regional Public Administration Training Centre (RPATC), Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Institute of Engineers Bangladesh(IEB), National Academy for Planning and Development etc. It also sends its officers/staffs to foreign trainings in many countries such as India, China, Japan, France, Netherlands etc.

SOB ensures staff’s welfare such as pension, financial entitlement, promotion etc. very promptly. SOB also ensures proper working environment in the office premises. Good governance that describes how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources. SOB is practicing to achieve and maintain good governance at all sphere.

The officers and employees of Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) jointly arrange some cultural activities every year. The Department arranges picnic, annual milad mahfil, games and sports etc. SOB also celebrates Pohela Boishak, Independence and Victory day etc.

As the SOB belongs to KPI, Catagory-1 organization, it has strong security system that ensures proper security of the department. It tries to follow all the rules and regulation of KPI.