Afforestation of our coastal-belt

Forest is the natural garden of the earth which is nothing but a “dot” in the universe. Without forest, (or trees), the earth may not be recognized in the solar-system. To say precisely, the forest is the backbone of the earth.

Our forest like Sunbdarban is the backbone of our land, Bangladesh. We are blessed with one of the natural wonders, the Sundarban, a gift to mankind.

Sundarban is not only a beauty of the nature, but also playing a very important role in maintaining the balance of the environment.

Different species of mangroves (approximately 21 species) are very strong trees among the plant-kingdom. Mangroves usually grow along the coast and on the banks of the rivers. Our rivers carry huge quantity of silt (fertile top soil) and of load it along the coastal-belt of the Bay of Bengal. This constant phenomenon of carrying and off-loading the silt by our mighty rivers may be the direct contributing factor for the formation and expansion of Bengal, that is the West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Mangroves is playing a natural strong catalytic force for the salutation along the coastal-belt of Bangladesh. Siltation is a natural process which contributes to the “formation” of new-land and the “expansion” of the existing one like volcanic eruption which creates mountains etc.

Afforestation of our coastal-belt by mangroves, palm-trees etc, must be our national policy which may be incorporated with our education policy. When we talk about the embankments along the coast or cross-dam in any near-shore off shore islands, afforestation by mangroves will not only protect the embankments and the cross-dams from tidal-wave, but also will help as a catalytic force in the formation and expansion of land-mass by the constant process of siltation, a natural gift to us, the Bangladesh.

Three to five billion tons of silt settles per year along the coast-line of both near-shore and off-shore islands. Mangroves is directly contributing in the process. Mangroves can also be used as animal feed. So, we can say afforestation by mangroves along the coastal-belt will directly contribute to our national development.

The proposed dames in the off-shore islands, for example between Sandwip and Noakhali via Urirchar, should be reinforced by afforestatin. The whole project should be completed at a time to neutralize and divert the ocean-current. and supported by large-scale afforestation by mangroves. Affestation of the porposed dames will ensure the protection of the dames and accelerate the siltation along the coastal-belt. The whole process will definitely promote the formatin of new land mass, formation of new Sunderban and thus promoting our efforts of global environment protection.