Ansar-VDP: Future role model of career planning and development

--Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed

5. Forlam

Ansar and VDP is the largest community based disciplined organization of Bangladesh. The total number of this force is about 60 lakhs. The female members cover the half of the total number. The organization of the force is extended up to village level. In the villages, we have one male VDP Platoon and one female VDP Platoon each comprising of 32 members. In the union level, there is one Ansar male platoon and in every Upazilla there is one Ansar Company each comprising of 32 and 100 members respectively.

Since the inception of Ansar-VDP, its members are taking part in law and order activities, Socio economic development activities & performing various other activities for alleviating poverty and improving the quality of life. As majority of its members are working at grass root level voluntarily & individually, so no mentionable study or survey has been done regarding the success, failure or impact of their performances.

Today, Ansar VDP is not confined in its nomenclature, but its idea has expanded to the very depth and height with some noble motto and objectives taken by the enrolled members in a very challenging way, specially in the field of communication network, total defense system, safety and security of various key point instillation, industries and above all socio-economic development of the nation.

How Bangladesh suffers in respect of carrier planning and life building process of individuals. In Bangladesh, almost 50% of young populations are un-employed. Those who are employed they are highly satisfied with their job. They cannot maintain their position and status of their service. In our country, we often see the very painful picture about recruitment process and procedures. Educated young people search for job, move to and fro for employment opportunity but they do not get it so easy. Many a time incompetent and unworthy fellow gets the employment opportunity by influence and by corruption. In some cases, some young skilled fellows in spite of their education and competent are deceived and deprived by a section of people. In our country the meritorious are not evaluated. They are being harassed in the name of undue clues. So in our country the talents are remaining in the back. We have a large number of BBA/MBA degree holders. They cannot see the light of their life, again with their high level degree they do not have any knowledge. More than 90% of them are quite unable to produce a report in English on any common issue related to our day to day life. This is the reality of life and with these sorrowful realities all development activities are hindered but this required to be changed. If it is required to be changed, life will be stopped. For life and nation building, transparency is a must. Corrupt free society is mandatory. We must exercise integrity, honesty and justice in all respects. Regarding life building, carrier plan and carrier development both are essential, now I will discuss on carrier planning and future role model of carrier planning & carrier development by Ansar-VDP.

Carrier Plan. The total working life of a person is called his/her carrier. Carrier plan starts with the starting of switching well and ends with the last point of that’s carrier. How could you color your life? You yourself are artist drawing your life sketch. For political and socio-economic ground total meritorious are pazzelled now. They are very worried and frustrated about their future. Despite all these, life cannot be stopped. To overcome that, it is necessary to determine carrier plan and strategic plan for achieving the goal. But for a successful honored life, you must be seriously careful about 3 strategic ways.

They are:-

a.         The discipline you study,

b.         Switch on of your carrier,

c.         Family life.

If one cannot take the right decision regarding these three issues he/she will have to suffer the life. There is no way to escape the suffering. Now I will discuss the model of a carrier plan.

a.         Seeds Stage: For every student primary school to secondary school is seed stage of his/her. If seeds are well sown that is, if study is on if, and selection of study is proper then any one can achieve academic qualification.

b.         Developing Stage: After seed stage comes the developing stage. This is a decision making stage. In this time, one has to choose his professional life like Engineer, Doctor. This is just strategic decision of his life. Good or bad of the life, will depend on his own decision to make it success.

c.         Point of Strategic Reform: In view of prevailing crisis in job market one has to think his carrier. You will whether think of you carrier or whether you like to switch on you with government job or private job. You must to have competent education. One has to reach his/her carrier starting through point of strategic reform. This means the discipline you studied does not matter for getting a job, you have to change you truck. Example: Having engineering back ground person is serving in commercial bank.

d. Point of Carrier Starting: Starting carrier means joining to any job it may be professional or general job. After completion of study, Starting carrier is most important and when one gets in job his/her carrier status.

e.         Flourishing and Carrier Development: Flourishing means when one person starts his/her working life by doing duties. He/she gradually gathers skill experiences and expertise and finally he/she can discharge his/her duties independently.

f.          Social Establishment: The instinctive character of a human being is that they want to be honoured and in society, they want to have a respectable position. By doing work and achieving trust of people. It can be possible to be respected by other people. This social establishment in this regard working life plays the important role.

Now I will discuss the carrier development.

Carrier Development. Carrier development can be defined as the official status of one’s position, which is gradually promoted. Doing duty and responsibility perfectly and lively an executive can boost his/her carrier development.

Carrier development involves managing your carrier either within or between organizations. It also includes learning new skills and making improvements to help you in your carrier. Carrier development is an ongoing life long process to help you learn and achieve more in your carrier. By creating a personal carrier development plan, you can set goals and activities for your own personal carrier growth.


The duties and responsibilities assigned to an executive should be discharged within the boundaries of official formalities. Under any circumstances, an executive should not violet the rules and regulation, of the organization.

For successful carrier development one executive has to follow the following directions:-

A-Type: Essential for doing official duties.

1.         Management policy,

2.         General administration,

3.         Service rules and employment condition,

4.         Office management,

5.         Rules and regulations,

6.         Official decorum,

7.         Official assignment.

B-Type: Personal interest.

1.         Compensation and benefits,

2.         Leaves,

3.         Opportunity.

C-Type: Development for performance.

1.         Financial expenditure system and financial issues,

2.         Written approval of the authority,

3.         Informing the authority,

4.         Maintaining official documents,

5.         Maintaining related personal documents,

6.         Date, time of receiving and delivering files/documents,

7.         Written handover and takeover of any charge/materials,

8.         Ensuring letters/files/documents in time,

9.         Date, time and signature, working day and holiday,

10.       Financial clearance,

11.       Public Procurement Regula-tions (PPR).

Future role model of carrier planning and development of Ansar-VDP. Carrier plan and carrier development are essentials to future capabilities of Ansar-VDP. It is assessed that capabilities of any force is linked up with the training provided to its members. First, we may discuss the officer’s training. The officers are imparted training on financial management, office management, administrative training, IT based training, leadership training. Through these training officers quality will be developed and officers will achieve the desired skill to take any modern techniques and present world challenges. Again officers and troops are going for rescue and crisis management courses in home and abroad. Very frequent they are going to undertake joint exercises with Army. In Ansar-VDP there are courses for troops like combating terrorism, security and protection courses.

For volunteer members, there are provisions of HRD course in technical and vocational line. Through these, poor members get the opportunity of self employment in home and abroad & hence income generative activities get a wide dimension. The present authority in Ansar and VDP has taken different development oriented projects and making drafts and policies to augment the strength of Ansar and VDP. Under the able and dynamic leadership of its director general a comprehensive plan is going to be devised for making Ansar-VDP a potential force.

Mean while plan, draft and policies on carrier planning for officer’s and connective rules are in a process of reformed shape to promote and upgrade from its present position. If all things go smooth Department will come up and its capabilities will also take a place in world competition market. Let us have an united efforts to fulfill the dream of our future Ansar-VDP.

Conclusion. Carrier plan and development is a major part of life for sustainable development of a human being in his or her life. It helps to flourish his acquired knowledge and attitude in his long life. A man of sound carrier and personality makes his position to the optimum height. He is duly honoured and others follow him. A promising man with good carrier plan makes his life successful & colorful although.

Bangladesh needs new executives who can be able to lead her towards the point of destination of becoming a developed nation where there will be no poverty, illiteracy, injustice, discrimination and misrule. The young generation of today’s Bangladesh should take oath for building a new Bangladesh. They should learn from the successful personality of the society.