AR Specialized Auto Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd: Services and contribution

Md. Aktaruzzaman Rasel, Assistant General Manager A R Specialized Auto Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd BSCIC Industrial Area, Pabna

Md. Aktaruzzaman Rasel, Assistant General Manager
A R Specialized Auto Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd
BSCIC Industrial Area, Pabna

A R Specialized Auto Rice Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. is a business which is legally registered and licensed and presently operating in the largest BSCIC Industrial Area, Pabna, Bangladesh. We have also carried out all the local requirements needed from our Mills here in Pabna.

Our company offers the services that include the milling of rice depending on the specification of the individual client. We cater largely to the need of producers and sometimes wholesalers because they know what the market needs are. Other products and services that are offered by us include the sale of the rice hull, bran layers, rice germ as well as fine broken which are all by products gotten from milling the rice. We also provide storage facilities as well.

Due to the fact that the market is not only profitable but is also competitive as well. We always strive to give quality services to our customers. This we do by listening to their requirements and also passing along advice and tips that might best make them become better. We also listen to them and their suggestions to improve our business as well. Our rice mill production business premises are in a location that is convenient for our customers and our employees as well.
We constantly seek for ways by which our services can be improved, from our milling machines and storage facilities, for our customer services and even our price rates. We also do not compromise on integrity as we adhere strictly to the company’s corporate culture at A R Specialized Auto Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

In increasing our customer relation, we are fully aware of the importance of our customers and how they help grow the bottom line of a business. We have several strategies in place for our customers; especially those who help refer new customers to A R Specialized Auto Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Our customers will also be constantly informed of changes carried out as well as receive tips from us about what we plan on seriously engaging them through our website and social media platforms, even as we intend to deploy customer management software that will help ensure that our customer database is up to standard.

A R Specialized Auto Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd is owned and managed by two eminent persons of the area, Mr. Md. Robiul Islam and Mrs. Meherun Nessa Islam, who have vast knowledge in this industry and who are partners in the business. Financing of the business has been done by these two partners, with loans sourced from lending institutions and private investors. Both partners are actively involved in the day to day running of the business.

Well, still we are expecting a lot from the Government, such as permanent land instead of lease, infrastructures like stable road with drainage facilities, 24/7 electricity, one stop service, central ETP and so on.

In the end, we thank BSCIC and The GUARDIAN for their joint initiative to publish a special issue on BSCIC. It’s our pleasure to be a part of this special publication. I once again, on behalf of our company, thank all concerned with this noble task.