Armed forces deployed

The armed forces have been deployed across the country today, in order to maintain law and order during and after the 10th parliamentary elections. The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) issued a press release in this regard on Thursday. The press release, signed by Assistant Director of ISPR Muhammad Rezaul Karim, stated that the armed forces have been deployed across the country as a striking force under “In aid to the civil power”, to provide assistance to the civil administration of the country from December 26 to January 9, 2014. The deployment has been made as per the request of Election Commission, it added. The press note read: “The striking force will be discharging their duties in district level initially. Later, it will work in at the nodal points of every district, upazila, metropolitan area and other areas as per the demand.” The number of armed forces personnel to be deployed would depend on the decision of the districts’ law enforcement committees, added the press release. According to the note, the force will also help the Election Commission and the civil administration to maintain the law and order situation and keep the vehicular movement normal on the highways during and after the polls. A Central Combination Cell has already been formed in the Armed Forces Division to help the civil administration arrange a successful election. All necessary information will be provided to all from the cell through the ISPR. On December 22, the EC sent a letter to the principle staff officer of the Armed Force Division seeking army deployment in the country during the polls. The letter stated that as per article 126 of the constitution, the commission had decided to deploy the army along with law enforcement agencies from December 26 to hold the election in free, fair and peaceful manner. The army has been deployed during all the parliamentary elections from 1973 to 2008,s with the longest deployment of 20 days taking place during the controversial elections in February 15, 1996. The election is slated for January 5. – See more at: