Bangladesh NGO Foundation working to make new history

--Report by Harun-Al-Rashid

Among many more thousands of NGOs currently working in our country, Bangladesh NGO Foundation is a quite different NGO. It was established through a government resolution on 2 December 2004. Subsequently, on 4 August 2005, it was registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms under Companies Act of 1994.

Thereafter it started functioning as a fully autonomous organization in accordance with the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association under Finance Division of the Ministry of Finance. It is a Non profit organization and mandated to take up socio economic development activities and poverty alleviation through NGOs having previous experience of implementing similar programs. It provides financial grants and need based support to develop their skill for stepping up such activities.

The Foundation has a General Body consisting of 34 members and a Governing Board consisting of 11 members for guidance of the Foundation. The General Body sits at least once in a year and the Governing Board is supposed to sit at least four times in a year.

It was established with a firm commitment to provide capacity-building supports to small NGOs and CBOs which, while striving to address well identified local problems and issues, can hardly expect to meet with a fair share of success due mainly to resource-constraints.

As it is Non-profit organization BNF has taken along its stride these NGOs as partner organizations (POs) and, working in tandem with them makes available for the latter a substantive support-package. Pooling together this package and similar other resources collected through their own efforts the partner NGOs have started to reinvigorate their multidimensional programs in order to reach out to the ultrapoor who, flanked on either side by the under privileged and the marginalized form the hard core of poverty in Bangladesh.

These NGOs are being bolstered by a fresh spell of hope with which they can now pledge, especially to the target groups, a fast-track achievement of their goals and make wholehearted efforts to match that pledge.

BNF has most assiduously been up scaling its goal reaching efforts so that by 2015 the internationally agreed cut off year for achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) it can win undisputed acclaim as regards its performance and dedication.

Accordingly, the government of Bangladesh has donated a remarkable amount to attain the goal. As a result, present authorities of BNF led by its high profile chairman are working hard to achieve the goal. Accordingly, on the 18th of this instant BNF has distributed cheques of Tk 837000 among the NGOs.

The cheque distribution ceremony was attended by BNF Chairman AFM Yeahia Chowdhury as chief guest and Managing Director Chandra Nath Basak as special guest. Member of General Body Mustafizur Rahman distributed the cheques among the NGOs. The ceremony was also attended by other high and concerned officials of BNF.


It is expected that BNF will bring something positive to cater to the needs of the target groups and also a good result in alleviating poverty and meeting the key issues of development for the poor and all other issues of challenges and developments for which BNF was established. The present board led by its worthy chairman and the present management team led by its efficient managing director are working with the commitment to make a new history of BNF. Let’s hope for the best.