Bapex: Activities of purchase department

Mohammad Ali

The mission of BAPEX is to carry out geological and geophysical investigation and drilling for the purpose of exploration, development and production of hydrocarbon as well as undertaking other businesses those support BAPEX for becoming a technologically and financially sound and self-reliant organization. The purchase department of BAPEX, which was previously an independent and full fledged division, is giving all out efforts in materializing the mission of BAPEX through providing it all the logistic support necessary. The purchase team headed by Mr. Mohammad Ali, Deputy General Manager, is tirelessly working to ensure uninterrupted supply of necessary materials and services in accordance with the existing government rules and regulations. The purchase department is performing its role in the following ways:

Local Procurement

BAPEX needs various types of local materials and services in efficiently running its field operations i.e. geological survey, 2D and 3D seismic survey, drilling and production as well as official activities. This department always plays a proactive role in meeting all the needs of local materials and services of BAPEX.

Foreign Procurement

The oil and gas exploration and production activities are largely depended on state of art technology. The purchase department, with the guidelines of Public Procurement Act-2008, imports all such foreign equipment such as rigs and rig accessories, mud logging units, cementing units, process plants and accessories as well as various 3rd party services like Wire Line Logging service, Cementing, Drilling Stem Testing (DST) and Production service etc. The necessary C & F and Pre-shipment Inspection activities are also ensured by this department.