Bapex deserves appropriate attention of government

The Bangladesh Petroleum & Production Company Limited is well known in its abbreviated name ‘BAPEX’ at home and abroad. BAPEX was established as an oil and gas exploration company under Petrobangla 1989 to expedite petroleum exploration activities within the country. Later, it was transformed into an exploration and production company.

As a result, the activities of BAPEX have increased manifold. Currently, it is producing and supplying sufficient amount of gas to the national grid from its gas fields through exploration and drilling activities in its own blocks and rig fenced areas. The expertise of BAPEX in drilling new development wells and workover of old wells of some production companies of Petrobangla to meet the increasing demand of gas in the country already proved extremely fruitful. BAPEX has enabled all these production companies to carry on development activities effectively; in spite of international rig availability becoming very expensive and also difficult to procure.

BAPEX has also discovered two gas fields respectively in Noakhali and Commilla and successfully completed a number of development-well drilling in other places of the country. BAPEX is also successfully conducting 2D as well as 3D Seismic Survey at par international standard.

It is to be mentioned here that in our country there are a large number of public enterprises for productivity and development activities. Most of these organizations are considered as burden on our national economy. Hence, our economists and high-profile technocrats always recommend the government to stop subsidies for those organizations and to quickly privatize those. But, BAPEX is the only public organization, which within a short time of its establishment, by its activities and successes, has won the sentiments of economists, concerned experts, technocrats, politicians and others as a deserving organization to serve the nation. It has already gained the confidence of the nation. So, all believes, if due and appropriate facilities are provided, BAPEX will be able to fulfil the demand of the nation.

It is true that the government is aware of capability and success of BAPEX and accordingly extending support to carry on its activities. Still, BAPEX suffers the shortages of sufficient manpower including engineers and experts, machinery, budget, due recognition and other relevant facilities. In all these regards, BAPEX deserves appropriate attention of the government.

With our economists, concerned experts and others, we also believe, if appropriate facilities are provided, BAPEX must be able to fulfil the possible expectation of the nation. So, we urge the government to give appropriate attention to BAPEX and to enable it with all relevant facilities and recognitions to serve what the nation needs now and in future. Let’s all hope for the best.