BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong: Activities and achievements

Mahmuda Khatun Director BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong

Mahmuda Khatun
BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong

Moreover this laboratory plays important role to separation and identification of active ingredients of medicinal and aromatic plants and investigation on their anti-microbial properties, assessment of medicinal properties of different herbal plants using animal /triode] and preparation of potential drugs using experimental data, invention of many kinds of herbal medicine and cosmetic products from plant sources, extraction of essential oils from various types of aromatic plants, collection of different organic constituents from marine sources.

BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong was established in 1965 named as Natural Drugs Research & Development Institute (NDRDI), Chittagong as a unit of PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research). After Liberation war in 1972, the Institute is renamed as BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong.

Citizen Charter
1. Governed by BCSIR according to the ordinance-V of 1978.
2. Conduct approved R&D project and submit the research progress report, publish research output.
3. Provides technical support to entrepreneurs, develop process for lease out.
4. Conducts research activities especially on medicinal & aromatic plants, plays important role on cultivation, documentation, conservation, research and promotion of indigenous medicinal & aromatic plants.
5. Renders Analytical Services to the products of government, autonomous and private companies.
6. Helps government magistracy through checking status of products that is seized to protect public health.
7. Supervise M.S, M. Phil & Ph. D. students of different universities to enhance skilled human resources.
8. Arrange seminar, symposiums, workshops etc. regarding scientific research to create public awareness on various national issues.

BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong, is a multi-disciplinary unit of BCSIR mainly concentrating its research on
w Medicinal and aromatic plants,
w Local fruits and vegetables processing and preservation
w Pharmacological
w Herbal product development

The main objective of this Laboratory is
w to increase support for basic and applied research
w to develop indigenous capacity for technological innovation
w to establish new industries,
w to promote socio-economic conditions of people
w to eradicate poverty and
w for women empowerment.

Front view of BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong.

Front view of BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong.

Institutional Set up
1. Chemical Research Division
i) Fine Chemical Section
ii) Biochemical Section.
iii) Synthetic Chemistry Section.

2. Drug & Toxins Research Division
i) Toxin’s Research Section.
ii) Pharmacology Section.

3. Industrial Microbiology Research Division
i) Food & Fruit Microbiology Section.
ii) General Microbiology Section.

4. Phytochemistry Research Division
5. Industrial Botany Research Division
i) Taxonomy & Physiology Section.
ii) Plant Breeding & Tissue Culture Section.
6. Medical & Aromatic Plants Research Division
i) Liquid Products Section.
ii) Solid Products Section
iii) Analytical Section.
7. Fruit & Vegetable Research Division
i) Fruit & Preservation Section
ii) Vegetable Research & Preservation Section.
8. Soil Management & Agronomical Research Division
i) Soil Management & Agronomical Section
ii) Rangamati-Sub-Station

Utilization of Land
i) KPI/Main Laboratory Building: 10.00 acres
ii) Plantation Block Area: 40.00 acres
iii) Animal House Area : 02.35 acres
iv) Embankment and Canal : 09.00 acres
v) Plantation Route : 01.00 acres
vi) Residential Area : 25.00 acres
vii) School & Play ground Area : 03.86 acres
viii) Mosque Area : 00.84 acres
On Going R & D Projects
Total number of on going R & D project: 08

In Addition to research works, BCSIR Labs Chittagong is also engaged with
w testing of the foods, fruits or fruit products, dairy products, water, fats & oils, cosmetics, flavors, textile items, different ingredients of various food & industrial products and other chemicals etc.
w referred by custom authority, BSTI, port authority, WASA and all other public and private entrepreneurs.
w BCSIR Laboratories, Chittagong also helps to conduct research work to M.S. / M. Sc., M. Phil. & Ph. D. students of different universities

Number of papers published : 362
Number of process leased out : 11
Number of process developed : 69
Number of patents accepted : 18
Number of books published : 5
Some leased out processes
1. Production of antidiabetic tea (com. Diabino)
2. Production of lemon grass oil
3. Production of herbal hair tonic (com Joya herbal hair oil)
4. Production of citronella oil
5. Fruity papaya
6. Herbal Basak tea
7. Herbal Mint Balm

Some Sophisticated Instruments
1. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
2. Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
3. LC-MS
4. Real Time PCR System
5. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
7. UV Spectroscopy
Accepted processes
1. Herbal Anti-diabetic Tea
2. Arjun Drink
3. Citronella Oil
4. Lemon Grass Oil
5. Kalmegh Tablet
6. Turmeric Leaf Oil
7. Herbal Mint Balm
8. Slow Releasing Fertilizer
9. Bamboo Shoot Candy
10. Fruity Papaya
11. Green Bael Powder
12. Stevia Product as Sweetener
13. Instant Stevia Tea
14. Menthol Crystal
15. Chewing Zinger
16. Herbal Hair Tonic.