BCSIR Laboratories Rajshahi: Activities and achievements

Dr. Md. Munsur Rahman Director BCSIR Laboratories Rajshahi

Dr. Md. Munsur Rahman
BCSIR Laboratories Rajshahi

The history of BCSIR laboratories, Rajshahi dates back to 1967 when land was acquired by government order. Primarily Laboratory started to work in a small office of Silk and Lac Research-Cum-Training institute in 1968. After construction of residential building in 1969, laboratory was shifted there. The complete structure of present laboratory was accomplished in 1973, subsequent to Great War of independence. At present, Rajshahi Laboratories has seven Research Divisions namely
1. Natural Products Research Division.
2. Oils, Fats and Waxes Research 3_ Applied Botany Research Division
4. Fibre and Polymer Research Division
5. Applied Zoology Research Division
6. Drugs and Toxins Research Division
7. Fruits & Food Processing and Preservation Research Division

Our research projects are, however, aimed at invention of technologies for effective utilizations of various natural resources, specially the agro base raw materials that are abundant in northern part of the country to attain sustainable and developed socioeconomic condition. Altering on this ideal Spirit scientists are actively engaged in Scientific and industrial research on various disciplines.
Until now Five Hundred and Fifty Research Papers have been published in the renowned research journals based in home and abroad by the researcher of BCSIR laboratories Rajshahi. Besides this the number of accepted process, and patent of the Laboratory are 148 and 113 respectively. Among them mentionable process and patent are
w Production of pulp from green and ripe mango
w Production of natural insecticidal fertilizer from sugarcane bagasse and other plants sources
w Development of breeding techniques of economical important ornamental fish
w Production of karnel oil (raw material of phenyl) from pupa waste
w Production of carboxy methyl celulose from corn cov
w Development of micro propagation, preservation and quality of tomato based product
w Production of dewaxed shellac from Lac that is being supplying to ordnance factory gazipur under the service of contract

Partial view of BCSIR Laboratories Rajshahi

Partial view of BCSIR Laboratories Rajshahi

Currently the Laboratory has been renovated with the modem equipments like Ion-trap Mass Spectrometer, Real Time PCR, LCMS, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer etc.

With the help of the aforementioned Modern analytical equipments the our researchers provide analytical services of more than 200 different parameters needed for research and public interest, among them the mentionable services are
w Rapid molecular detection and quantification of Halal certification by procine (Pig or Swine) DNA testing
w Detection of genetically modified organisms (GMO)
w Bird flu (H5N1) virus detection
w Detection of pathogenic bacteria: Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria etc.
w Detection of prawn, shrimp and potato disease through PCR
w Quantification of vitamins, Amino acids and active ingredients in drug
w Metabolic profiling, identification and purity, precision and quantization
Now the laboratory is trying to achieve ISO accreditation which will provide the researcher an avenue of frog jump to get spawned world class research and service output.