BCSIR needs more attention of the government


Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) is the lone national institution of its kind in Bangladesh. The institution remains committed to scientific and industrial research in Bangladesh since its inception in 1955, playing a very significant role in the field of scientific and industrial development in the country.

Most of the innovative products and technologies in Bangladesh are developed and invented by BCSIR. Some of BCSIR’s innovations of international standards like biogas technology, instruments to measure formalin in fishes and quality of water, efficient stoves and tomato ketchup have already drawn the attention of home and abroad. The institution has developed 745 processes, out of which 342 have already been leased out; accepted 316 patents; published 3000 research papers; and 45 processes are being used in commercial productions across the country.

These are not all. The institution is also developing technologies regularly, suiting the needs and demand of the country’s small enterprises and has planned to undertake new projects for research, considering the future needs of the country. This is true that due to its outstanding contribution to the field of scientific and industrial development and research, BCSIR has widely been known as science lab to all across the country. Of course, BCSIR has glorified its foundation and activities.

We all, however, know that there is no alternative to scientific and technological research to face the issues of challenges and developments and to achieve the goal in this age of modernization. BCSIR is doing that job for Bangladesh.

In spite of its huge achievements and contributions, BCSIR is also suffering the shortages of manpower, scientists, technologists, instruments, fund and other relevant facilities to implement its different programmes as per its expectation and also to undertake new, new plans for research and development in future. Realizing these issues of BCSIR’s successes, problems and potentials, we are now focusing on BCSIR. For the sake of our national interest, we also aim to draw the special attention of the government towards BCSIR.

The Government, led by our farsighted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has planned Vision 2021 and is implementing it phase by phase, where research and development, especially the issues of scientific and technological research and development have been given priority by the government. These initiatives of the government have already been praised at home and abroad. We also appreciate the government for these initiatives.

But, BCSIR is the single national institution of its kind, which is involved with multidimensional activities of research and development. Importantly, it needs to have more support and facilities from the government to implement its huge programmes and to take new, new plans for research and development. So, we urge the government to give more attention to BCSIR, so that the institution can fulfil the demand of the nation expectedly.