BITAC: A pioneer in industrial development

Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Centre popularly known as BITAC was established in 1962. BITAC is merging two other productivity oriented public sector organizations namely IRDC and PIPS. With the establishment of BITAC practice-oriented activities for productivity promotion and improvement of productivity were created through its laboratory and workshop supports, said Dr. Engr. S. M. Ihsanul Karim, Director of BITAC in an interview with The Guardian. He mentioned that the main objective of BITAC is, therefore, promotion of the national economy through promotion of productivity.

Today, BITAC has five centres in Bangladesh. They are in Dhaka, Chittagong, Chandpur, Khulna and Bogra. The main centre of BITAC is situated at Tejgaon Industorial area in the capital city Dhaka, he added.

He informed us that BITAC conducts three month duration Advance Technical Training Courses regularly throughout the year, adding that the trades that BITAC run for female are Machine Shop, Auto-Cad, Carpeting, Electrics, Electronics and Plastic Processing etc. and the trades for the male trainees here are Electrics, Electronics, Refrigeration and Wielding etc.

While narrating the present condition of BITAC, he said that more than six hundred government officials and workers are involved there and performing their duties spontaneously. A great number of people in our country including the poor, the divorcee and the widows have made them economically solvent after receiving various industrial trainings from BITAC, he mentioned. More than eight thousands male and female trainees have already received training from BITAC since its inception and they are working in various public and private companies at home and aboard. Not only that, some trainees have established many small and medium industries and through these industries, they have created employments for the others, he added.

Dr. Karim also informed that a trainee gets meal and boarding facilities free during their course time and after receiving training from BITAC, each trainee is given a handsome amount of money along with a certificate of course completion.

Life Sketch of Dr. Karim

Dr. S. M. Ihsanul Karim, Director of BITAC, was born in Pabna. He obtained his B.Sc in Engineering in 1987 and M.Sc in Engineering in 1988 from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Then, he joined as an Assistant Engineer in BITAC in 1988. He performed his duties with much dediction and skill and continued his higher education side by side. In 1990, he received M.S. degree and in 2006, he earned his PhD degree from the same university. He dreams of building our country Sonar Bangla by ensuring training for all and creating employment for our countrymen at home and abroad. He thanks The Guardian, the only development monthly magazine in Bangladesh, to give him a scope to talk about BITAC and to bring them national and international recognition.