Water Bus service

BIWTC: Water bus service in circular water ruote

Around 16 (Sixteen) million people are now living in the capital city Dhaka. The people of this Mega city and the adjacent districts I, e Narayangong, Narsindi, Gazipur, Manikgong completely depend on road transportation for their daily livelihood Undoubtedly use of the only mode of transport creating the present traffic Jam and also polluting the environment seriously.

Dhaka urban Transport Co ordination Board (DTCB) has been formed for establishing Multimodal Transport system/ Integrated Transport system with a view to reduce traffic congestion in the capital city. As a part of Integrated transport system, BIWTA has already developed and opened Sadarghat – Ashulia circular water route with necessary dredging, landing facilities etc. at Sowarighat, Nowabgong, Kholamora, Reyer bazar, Bosila, Gabtoli, Amin bazar, Sinnirtek, Birulia, Ashulia, in the 1st phase during July, 2000- December, 2004.

Passenger Cargo, Cattle are now carrying in this water way. But no safe and dependable vessels were not plying under public fleet operation in the said route. To make the route more serviceable, popular and acceptable to the mass people, Government Ministry of shipping decided to provide the water bus services with circular water route.

BIWTC is a service oriented Government organization to implement the transport system in and around Dhaka. The organization constructed 2 (Two) nos. Water buses in August-201o and deployed them in the circular water routs. The no of water buses were totally inadequate for making the water routes popular, effective and quietly insufficient to carry passengers and cargo plying this route.

Under the circumstance for providing smooth and efficient services in the circular water route BIWTC has constructed 4 nos. water buses from its revenue budget with the ultimate object of carrying passenger and cargo at a cheaper cost and reducing traffic jam and pollution in the capital city.

The broad specification of the water buses are given below:

Length: 19.90 meter

Breadth: 4.90 meter

Depth: 2.00 meter

Draft: 1.00 meter

Passenger capacity: 81 nos.

Service speed: 10.00 knots

The construction cost of each vessel in 83.00 laeks and the vessels constructed by Dhaka dockyard and engineering works. Charkaligong Dhaka. The project have been completed by June 2013. The honorable minister for Ministry of shipping inaugurated of water buses service on 4th July -2013. The services of water buses become very popular and suitable for passenger in and around the Dhaka for their speedy and timely operation. The passengers feel very comfortable in the services to avoid the tremendous pressure on road transportation in the capital city. Particularly in the Mirpur-Sadarghat route.

The water bus services has directly helping to promote trade, commerce, production/ distribution of products and thereby also contribute to increase the economic activities in and around the Dhaka city  Consequently it will generate more employment opportunities both for men and women . The services will involve adoption of modern/new technology and hence will help to enrich the technical know-how of the respective professionals thereby developing the human resources of the country. The project will have potential contribution to the traffic management in and around the Dhaka city. Movement of passenger and cargo will be increased Therefore production /distribution of goods in the respective region will also be increased.

“Enhance quality of water transport” is one of the strategic goals reflected in the policy matrix of poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP). The water buses will directly help to promote trade, commerce, production/distribution of products and thereby also contribute to increase the economic activities in and around the Dhaka city. The objectives, goal and outcomes of the project are very much consistent with the present PRSP which will directly help to reduce the poverty.

Water bus services in the circular water ways is playing a significant role to reduce the traffic congestion, environment pollution and also will contribute to the development of economic activities in and around the Dhaka city. Hence the availability of more water buses will be needed in the near future.