BKB activities of back to home programme

The uproot helpless slum-dwellers are being replaced in healthy environment in their native village from living inhumanly life in Dhaka slums. They will get an opportunity to grow-up their next generation in rich environment.

Creating development of environment  in the dirty city  forworking opportunity with covering best security, the Government of Bangladesh  has taken up “Ghore Phera Karmosuche (Back to Home Programme)” and placed part of the programme  for implementation  under Bangladesh Krishi Bank. The government has supported Tk 10 core for programme, where from Tk 5 core favoring to Bangladesh Krishi Bank in financial budget year of 2009-10.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank’s “Ghore Phera Karmosuche” was opened by the Finance Minister on last 27.07.2010. In opening ceremony Tk 87.25 Lac loan granted  to 254 slum-dweller families. Secondly, as chief guest Agriculture Minister Begum Matia Chowdhury distributed Tk 113.13 lac among 311 slum-dweller families.

Later, Tk -61.20 lac is distributed among 152 slum dweller families. In total 722 from 5785 slum-dweller families are granted Tk 264.73 lac with giving training by complete survey. As a result. 693 slum-dweller families are replaced by loan  of Tk 249.67.