BUET: The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

--Dr. Taifur Ahmed Chowdhury

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The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) is one of the largest departments of BUET with an annual intake of 195 undergraduate students. This department also runs the M. Sc., M. Engg. and Ph.D. programs with an annual intake of 100 graduate students. The total number of teaching posts in the department is 75 of which around 60 are occupied by the teachers in active service at any time in the department while the remaining teachers are abroad on leave for doctoral or postdoctoral research or teaching with lien from BUET.

The main focus of the EEE Dept. is on three major areas – power & energy, electronics and communication in the undergraduate curricula, while on two major divisions- energy & power system, and communication & electronics in the postgraduate studies. The M. Sc. and Ph.D. degrees are based on publishable thesis work besides requiring the candidate to undertake prescribed courses as well.

The expertise of the faculty members of this department covers various fields ranges from power systems to nano technology. The research areas of teachers and students of this department include power, energy, electrical machines, solid state device, signals and systems, signal processing, image processing, device modeling, power electronics, control engineering, high voltage engineering, biomedical engineering, microwave engineering, optical fiber communication, mobile telecommunication, device fabrication, VLSI and nano technology.

Faculty members of this department take active part in consultancy, testing and collaborative research work administered by the BRTC  (Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation) of BUET on request from various government, semi-government bodies and private organizations. They are also helping in teaching, curricula and laboratory developments, and research activities of the newly emerging  public and private universities in Bangladesh under MoU or BRTC programs. Also the faculty members volunteer to provide their valuable expertise for various issues related to national interest on request from the government agencies.

Alumni of this department are serving with good reputation and success in many organizations and universities within the country and abroad. Since the inception the Department of EEE, BUET has been drawing the attention of the top notch students of Bangladesh as their first choice of study. The future for graduates from this department looks very promising both at home and abroad because there is shortage of quality graduates in the market in the field of power, electronics and communication.  Specially in the fields of power and communication Bangladesh is experiencing steady growth due to the need. Besides absorption of our graduates in the overseas study and research programs as in the past, the current trend is that our graduates are demanded by the local cellular telecommunication, power, and several IC design centers and software development companies.

In recognition of the need and role of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the present world situation, the BUET authority has built a new 12 storied academic building with all the modern facilities as required for the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering i.e. the  Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

The new generations of electrical and electronic engineers are encouraged to undertake research and development activities in all the areas of this rapidly expanding and fascinating discipline of engineering. The department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. Teachers and students of the department work in solving problems in in the fields of conventional and renewable energy generation, transmission and utilization, high voltage transients, power system planning, reliability, operation, control and protection, machine and drives design, microwave fading, microstrip antenna design,  remote sensing, design and synthesis of VLSI and ULSI circuits, semiconductor device design and characterization, digital signals and image processing, neural networks and bio-medical signal conditioning and identification of processed signals, mobile telecommunication and optical fibers etc.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology is striving to realize its vision and mission to place itself on the top with national and international recognition of its teaching, research and consultancy programs. So far with limited resources and facility the Department has succeeded to do so as a result of sincere effort of its faculty and students. Contribution, cooperation and collaboration of all from outside the university are also a major factor in attaining such goal. We hope the support of national and international organizations and the EEE Dept. alumni will continue and increase in the days ahead so that we can achieve our objective and goal.

Profile of T A Chowdhury

Dr. Taifur Ahmed Chowdhury is Professor and currently Head of the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka.

He was born on August 01, 1954. He passed Secondary School Certificate in First Division and Stood 1st in Agriculture Group 1969; Higher Secondary Certificate in First Division in Science Group in 1972. He received M.Sc.in Power Engineering from Moscow Institute of Power Engineering, Moscow, Russia with First Class with Honours in 1979 and Ph.D in Power Engineering from Moscow Institute of Power Engineering, Moscow, Russia in 1983.

His professional works at national and international levels include-

1.         In charge  for establishment of Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering  at BUET.


2.         Committee Member for Development of Technical Professionals for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (2012)- Ministry of Science and Technology.

3.         Advisor for Promotion of Power Plants on Natural Gas, Fuel Oil & Coal (Project Concept Paper, Packaging, Sourcing, Construction Top Supervision, Testing & Commissioning and    O & M) in Private Sector.

4.         Consultant for a 250 MW Power Station at Bhola and Transmission Line to Barisal under Private Investment (2009-2010).

5.         Team Leader for Sourcing, Erection & Commissioning of Kumargaon and Shajibazar       50 MW Rental Power Stations, 2008, the first Rental Power Plants in Bangladesh

Both the Power Plants commissioned within a record time 6 & 8 months of Contract Signing.

6.         Advisor for Promotion of 22MW Bogra Power Station, 2006-07.

7.         Advisor and contact person for NEDO (New Energy Development Organization, Japan) for Pilot Co-generation Power Station in Bangladesh 2005/06

8.         Technical Advisor / Consultant for Planning Erection, Commissioning and subsequent Operation and Maintenance of Small Power Plants both in Public & Private Sectors since inception of National Energy Crisis in 1997.

9.         Member BUET Technical Audit Team for enhancement of Production Capability and Energy Efficiency of all Six Ammonia-Urea Fertilizer factories of Bangladesh, 2000-2001.

10.       Team Leader for Identification, Verification, and Valuation of assets study for Ghorasal Power Station Complex in 2000-2001.

11.       As an external expert, investigated the quality and operability of 100 nos. of captive generators of Dhaka Water Supply Authority (WASA) under Ministry of Local Government, 1999.

12.       Committee Member for finalization of “Policy Statement On Power Sector Reform” under Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Power Division, 1999.

13.       In the context of prevailing energy crisis patronizing the utilization of “Power BOSS”, an Intelligent Induction Motor Controller, which conserves the energy consumption up to 20%, since February 1999 as team leader.

14.       Chief Patron for promotion of “FUELMAX” a fuel conserver which reduces the fuel (Diesel, Natural Gas) consumption of Internal Combustion (LC) Engine up to 25% and minimize the smoke pollution up to 60%, which can be used in Automobiles, Water Vessels and I.C. Engine based Power Plants, since November, 1998.

15.       Key Power Expert to carry out the study on “Economic and Financial Impact of Electricity Outages, Willingness to Pay and Affordability for Services: Bangladesh Industrial and Commercial Sectors:, sponsored by World Bank, Dhaka Office, 1998-1999.

16.       Evaluated the International Re-tenders for Balancing Modernization Rehabilitation and Expansion (BMRE) of Karnaphuli Pulp and Paper Mill, a project of about 100 million US$, 1999.

17.       Re-evaluated the International Tenders for Procurement of newly introduced Programmable Electric Energy meter (440V and 11 KV) for Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), 1999.

18.       As an external member investigated the Quality and Operability of machineries and equipments for Jumuna Multipurpose Bridge, 1998

19.       Evaluated the International Tenders for Balancing Modernization Rehabilitation and Expansion (BMRE) of Karnaphuli Pulp and Paper Mills, a project of about 100 million US$, 1998.

20.       Evaluated the International Tenders for Procurement of newly introduced Programmable Electric Energy Meters (440 V and 11 KV) for Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), 1998.

21.       Reviewed the International Tender Evaluation for Private Sector Power Generation under Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Bangladesh, 1997.

22.       Investigated the quality of electric Sub-Station Machineries and Equipments of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel and the Office Complex of Vice President of Bangladesh, 1997.

23.       As an external expert supervised the repair and commissioning of burnt our 3.3 KV, 1000 KV Electric Drive Motor for Central Air Conditioning System of Bangladesh National Assembly Complex, 1997.

24.       Carried out Techno-Economical Feasibility of Textile, Chemical, Leather, Electrical and Electronic Industries for Private Sector Investment.


25.       As an External Expert carried out the International Tender evaluation for procurement of a Steam Power Station by Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation, 1996.

26.       Carried out Technical Investigation of Sub-Station failure of Dhaka University, 1995.

27.       As a High voltage expert carried out the Investigation of Electric Drive System failure of 1200 Tons and 1300 Tons Central Air Conditioning System of Bangladesh Sangsad Bhavan Complex, 1995-1996.

28.       Carried out Top Supervision of Electrical Sub-Station and Passenger Lift Erection and Commissioning of Academy for Planning and Development Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1995-1996.

29.       Carried out Technical Inspection of Shusmi Oil Factory to assess the Machineries Country of Origin (Local/Foreign), Efficiencies, Production Capacities and Cost in favor of Securities and Exchange Commission, Bangladesh, 1995.

30.       Successfully carried out the Trouble Shooting, Repair and Commissioning of the Simulator Bus OF Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation from Simtech, U.K., the only equipment of this kind in Bangladesh, 1994. The installation cost of the Simulator was Tk. 10 million.

31.       Successfully carried out the Trouble shooting, Repair and Commissioning of the Flow Meter Calibration Trolley of Bangladesh Water Development Board from Alsthoms, France, the only equipment of this kind in Bangladesh, 1993.

The installation cost of the Trolley was Tk. 50 million.

32.       As Chairman of the Committee carried out the formulation of national Standards for Rotating Electrical Equipments for Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI), 1990-1992.

33.       Carried out the Design Checking of the Total Power supply System including Emergency Generating Set. Sub-station and Electrification of the Second high rise (30 Storied) building of Bangladesh Bank, (Highest building of Bangladesh), 1992.

34        External Expert in the committee for Recruitment of Technical personnel by Bangladesh Public Service Commission, from 1989 to 1996.

35.       External expert in the Committee for Recruitment & Promotion of Technical personnel of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) , since 1987.

36.       Coordinator for Industrial Training of Students, EEE Dept, from 1986 to 1995.

37.       Carried out site selection for Jumuna Fertilizer Factory Ltd. a 1725 MTPD Amonia-Urea Project, 1986.

38.       Member Sectary in the Committee for finalization of Contract between Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation and Chiyoda Chemical Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. Japan for Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company Limited (FAFCO), a 100% expert-oriented multinational fertilizer company and at $ 550 million, is the largest ever-foreign investment in Bangladesh. In addition to the Government of Bangladesh, the project has and attracted bluechip multinationals including Marubeni, Chiyoda, haldor Topsoe and Stamicarbon and Premier Government agencies including OECF, IFU and CDC.

For successful completion of the job, the members of the Committee were awarded a Cash reward.

39.       Evaluated the International Tenders for procurement of Machineries and Equipments for BMRE of Triple Super Phosphate Complex, Chittagong, 1985.

40.       Carried out Erection and Commissioning of the Total Electrical System

including Captive Power Plant, electrical Sub-Station, Machineries and

Equipments of Polash urea Fertilizer Factory, 1984-1985.

41.       Compilation of the International tender Bidding Documentation for Instrumentation and Control system of Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Factory in favor of Yokogawa Electrical Corpor-ation, Japan, 1983-1984.