Cambrian School & College: A first digital and innovative academic campus in Bangladesh

I do not know whether any educational institution in Bangladesh has reached the peak of success within a span of only eight years. I do believe it is Cambrian School & College which has made it possible by their continuous brilliant results in the public examinations and the awards we got at home and abroad in recognition to our tremendous success in the field of education, said Dr. Dilruba Parvin, Principal of Cambrian School & College, while talking with this correspondent of The Guardian.

The main objective of this institution is to see our country illiterate free within 2021 and make it “Digital Bangladesh” by providing quality education required for meeting the challenges to go ahead and to raise our heads in the midst of countries of the country . With this belief in mind, we wear black uniforms and when our mission is fulfilled and when our country will be an illiterate one, we will leave our black uniforms, she added.

At present, with more than seven thousand pupils and a group of eight hundred and fifty experienced male and female teachers thirteen campuses have made it a unique campus in Bangladesh, she said. Since 2007 to 2013 in the HSC exams, we have achieved not only hundred passing rates but also got places in the merit list in Dhaka Education Board i.e. 2nd in 2007, 3rd in 08, 11th in 2010, 13th in 2012 and 16th in 2012. This has been possible for the able leadership of our experienced chairman, an eminent educationist of our country, M. K. Bashar, she informed.

While narrating the facilities provided to the pupils, she mentioned that it is we who like developed countries of the world use modern technology in teaching the students. We provide the students with all modern amenities in teaching including separate practical lab, enriched library facilities, power point project class room, laptop containing lecture plan, medical board, scout, BNCC, Fire Safety & Earth Quack Management Department, etc.

She tells us that M. K. Bashar knows how to develop quality of education and accordingly tries his best to implement them. She also hopes that one day we will reach to our destination under the leadership of the chairman.

Life Sketch of Dr. Parvin

Renowned educationist Dr. Dilruba Parvin, Principal of Cambrian School & College, was born in Comilla. She earned her Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Dhaka in 2012. She has written a number of books and articles on Botany.

At last, she thanks The Guardian, the only development monthly magazine in Bangladesh, for giving him chance to focus on CambrianSchool & College, the only ISO 9001:2000 certified college in Bangladesh.