Campus editor Helal earns PhD

Dr. M Helal Editor  Biswabiddaloy Campus

Dr. M Helal
Biswabiddaloy Campus

Secretary General of Campus Somaj Unnoyon and Editor of Biswabiddaloy Campus M Helal has earned PhD from International University of Canada for his review based research work on “Increasing Power of Creativity and Thinking among the Youths,” says a press release.

The press release also says that Mr. Helal has been writing articles on the power of creativity and thinking of man for a long time and many books have been published on these writings that have attracted the attention of researchers, students and youths.

His mentionable books are “Srijonshilota O Chintashakti Briddi ebong Safoller Shrisso Pothe; Shishu-Kishorderke Rastonaokochito Netarupe Gore Tolar Upai; Unnot Jatir Adunik Bangladesh O Ottoadunik Biswer Ruprekha; Naivittik Somaj ebong Alokito Jatir Sondane Bangladesh O Biswa Oddayon; Obiram Safller Bishesh Manus Hote 10 Digdorshan; Sustota O Shatoaiolave Prakritik Chorcha O Chikitsa; Bangladesher Sokal Somossar Sthai Somadan Model; Jatio Bohu Somassar Ekok Somadane Elaka Vittik Schooling Modem; etc.”

Ex-student leader of Dhaka University, M Helal did his B. Com (Honours) and Master’s degrees in Accounting. After successful completion of his studies, he did not prefer to choose covetable job in his discipline rather he chose his aim in life in adventurous job to awaken nation and inspire its development. He thinks his main work and motto of life is to work for the mass-people.

Dr. Helal is life member of Bangla Academy, Asiatic Society, Nazrul Academy and different other social organizations. From his student life, he is devotedly involved in the development of education and society and with different academic institutions. For developing country and awakening nation, his established Campus has been working for long 35 years.

His wife, Dr. Naznin Ahmed, is an economist, researcher and writer. She is a Research Fellow at BIDS. Dr. Naznin is also a member of the preparation committee of the Fifth-Five Year Plan of the Government of Bangladesh and a director of Palli Sonsoi Bank of the government.