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Ansar-VDP to be given more role to play

In Bangladesh a number of law enforcing agencies are currently working to ensure peace and social security across the country. These are Police, Ansar-VDP, BGB, RAB and Bangladesh Coast Guard….


Ansar and VDP committed to serve the nation

Since its inception, Bangla-desh Ansar and VDP has been performing potential roles and activities as the largest force of around 6 million members to ensure human security and development of…


Bangladesh ansar & village defence party

Bangladesh Ansar & Village Defence Party is a very unique organization with equal opportunity for both Men and Women. We are the torchbearers of Peace, Discipline, Development & Security in…


Ansar-VDP: Securing the Take-off

Bangladesh is on the runway to ‘take-off. The consistent flow of remittance, the efficient ‘catch-up’ of the Readymade Garments market, the unbelievable bank ability of the rural women and the…

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Ansar-VDP: Future role model of career planning and development

Ansar and VDP is the largest community based disciplined organization of Bangladesh. The total number of this force is about 60 lakhs. The female members cover the half of the…


Success of Ansar-VDP in games and sports

Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party (VDP) is the largest disciplined force in our country. This force has coverage up to the gross level of our country. With a view…

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Ansar-VDP: Role for peace and development in Chittagong Hilltracts

The Kaptai Lake, the largest manmade lake in the country, the keokaradong or bijoy; the zenith of the country, the residence of the 13 small tribal ethnic minority, the hilly…

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Ansar-VDP: Vasha Shaheed Abdul Jabber School and College

Vasha shaheed Abdul Jabber Ansar VDP School & college is the only educational institution run by Bangladesh Ansar & VDP, a well disciplined organization. The institution was founded on the…


Ansar-VDP: Ansar Flour Mill

Ansar Flour Mill is the only welfare institution of Ansar-VDP. It is situated in an area of seven acre on the bank of Boyrov river under Mohessor Mouja at Dowlatpur…