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The Chairman is working at his office.

Department of Management of Dhaka University a best department in this part of the world

– Professor Dr. M. Ataur Rahman The University of Dhaka was established in 1921 and started its journey in July of that year is a fast growing university in Asia…

M. A. Akkas
Professor, Department of Management, University of Dhaka

Knowledge management practices in Bangladesh: An empirical study

Abstract- Knowledge management (KM) is becoming a popular topic in the modern competitive world as it helps organizations to ensure sustainable performance. This paper attempts to establish connection between knowledge…

A. A. M. Baquer
Former Professor, Department of Management, University of Dhaka and VC Millennium University

M. Safiullah: The father of business education in Bangladesh

The father of scientific management is Frederick Winslow Taylor who is popularly known as F. W. Taylor. He started his career as a factory worker pursuing side by side in…

Dr. Sabnam Jahan
Associate Professor, Department of Management, University of Dhaka

The emerging roles of human resources professionals in driving organizational change

Abstract: To remain competitive in this global business world, organizations often find it necessary to undertake major changes that affect their processes and people. Therefore, change management is seen as…

Manika Chakraborty
Assistant Professor, Department of Management, University of Dhaka

Women entrepreneurship development in Bangladesh

Entrepreneurial culture is a key pre-requisite for economic well being of a country. Expanding the level of entrepreneurial activity within all nations is an increasingly important political and economic goal,…

Prof. Dr Md. Altaf Hossain
Kazi Azimuddin College, Gazipur

Management in our everyday life

Management is the process or procedure to direct or execute any activity. The efforts or techniques that man has been practicing to achieve his desired goal the ancient period is…

Md Jalal Uddin

Management graduates of Dhaka University playing a leading role in management profession and education

I feel proud of being a student of the University of Dhaka, which was once known as the Oxford of the East. This University, by this time, has produced a…

Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan
Deputy Managing Director
Sonali Bank Limited

Management graduates of Dhaka University plays significant role in development of Bangladesh

I was a student at the Department of Management of the University of Dhaka in the academic session1977-1980. I passed B.Com. (Hons.) and M.Com. in Management respectively in 1980 and…

Md. Mukhlesur Rahman MBA
General Manager 
ICT Division, BKB

Department of Management of Dhaka University a center of creating scholars and talents

We can say that Dhaka University is such as an educational institution which may be termed as power house of knowledge and excellence Dhaka University own a heritage and it…

Syed Nuruddin Ahmad
Managing Director
Maxwell Stamp Limited

Managment Department of Dhaka University creating professional leaders in the country

Established in the times of the British Raj in 1921, the University of Dhaka (Dhaka University i.e. DU) is the oldest, and the largest public university in Bangladesh. Soon after…