NTL must forge its glory ahead

There is no dial of the fact that National Tubes Limited (NTL) is a unique industrial enterprise in Bangladesh. This enterprise was established in 1964 to contribute to the development…

1. Dr Md Amirul

National Tubes Limited a unique enterprise in Bangladesh

National Tubes Limited (NTL) was established in 1964 to  contribute to the well being of the nation by producing high quality import-substitute gas/oil line pipes according to the specifications of…


NTL: The quality control activities

National Tubes Limited (NTL) is a licensee of API and ISO 9001:2008. NTL comprises with Seven Departments. Quality Control Department is one of them. Quality means to manufacture products as…


NTL: The commercial activities

National Tubes Limited is established in the private sector in 1964. It was nationalized and placed under BSEC (Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation). The enterprise was transformed into a public…


NTL: Management should follow the Theory-Y by Douglas McGregor for sustainable development

National Tubes Limited (NTL) management has taken some initiatives according to horizontal diversification for acquiring/developing new products and offering new services that could appeal to the company´s current customer groups….


NTL: A company profile

National Tubes Limited was established in the private sector in 1964. It was nationalised and placed under BSEC in 1972. The enterprise was transformed into a public limited company in…

1. NHA Chairman

NHA committed to solve housing problem in Bangladesh

The present government is committed to achieve the national goals of vision 2021, which includes house for all by 2021, and keeping this in priority the National Housing Authority (NHA)…


Taxes Zone-4 Dhaka a different zone from other tax authorities: Rustom Ali Molla

Bangladesh inherits a system of taxation from its past British and Pakistani rulers and the system gradually developed on the basis of generally accepted principles with efforts towards rationalizing the…


Railway Audit Directorate always dedicated for the service of people -Nurun Nahar

The history of Railway Audit Directorate (RAD) dates back to 1930 when Railway Accounts was established in British period and through passing over different tiers of institutional aspects and journey,…