CGA office must make a great success

The Office of the Controller General of Accounts, widely kno-wn in its abbreviated name as CGA Office, is one of the very important offices under the Ministry of Finance of the government, spreading its network from capital to upazila level of Bangladesh. This office is entrusted with the responsibility of performing significant financial activities of the government.

Mainly, these activities cover the payments of the public servants in respect of their salary and pension and making the payments of the service providers to the government. Alongside this, CGA office is also entrusted with the responsibility of preparing annual finance accounts and appropriation accounts of the government.

This office, however, has been working traditionally for long. But it is good news that recently it has introduced digital system into its activities across the country. In keeping pace with the initiative of the present government to digitalize Bangladesh, the CGA Office is committed to make Bangladesh digitalized in the entire accounting arena.

Accordingly, the officers and staff led by present CGA Md. Abul Kashem have set their motto to improve service delivery by expanding digital activities across the country. By this time they have implemented a number of digital programmes and many more schemes are also undertaken to implement phase by phase. Side by side digitalization process, the CGA office is now made a beautiful working place that presents a healthy office environment for its officers, staff, clients and visitors.

Importantly, it is to add that a healthy office environment is very important for all that ultimately involves mindset of the officials to work and to provide better services to the clients. This has been created now at CGA office under the active leadership of present CGA. This environment must inspire the present and future officers and staff of CGA office to ensure accountability and transparency into the overall services of CGA office across the country.

This has drawn our attention. So, we have chosen to focus on CGA office in this issue of The Guardian. The stories of the officers and exclusive interview of the CGA published in this issue reflect the latest scenario of development, delivery of services, problems, achievements of CGA office and the future plan to make it a paperless office i.e. to turn it into a complete digital office. We appreciate this initiative of the present CGA very much and urge the government to extend all-out cooperation and support to them, so that they must make a great success.