China Shipping playing remarkable role to lead-time reduction in import export business of Bangladesh


It is evident that during the last two years China Shipping, one of the biggest Container Lines of the world is playing a remarkable role in the Import – Export business of Bangladesh.

It may be mentioned that on the 18th July of 2013, China Shipping appointed Continental Traders of Bangladesh as their Local Agent. Presently China Shipping with their about 7, 00,000 (Seven hundred thousand containers) of 133 vessels is carrying cargoes of almost all the continents of the world. Through China Shipping, the exporters and importers of Bangladesh can export and import their goods from any part of the world.

With the long experience and expert manpower of Continental Group and through the wide network of China Shipping, the Exporters of Bangladesh are getting opportunity to enter into new export markets at a competitive export price.

In the Import business of Bangladesh, about 65% goods are imported from China and Far East of which 90% is the raw materials of Garments. In this case the manufacturers of Garments of Bangladesh can easily import raw materials through China Shipping in a short time at a competitive freight, as a result the Lead – Time of export business is reduced and they can export the manufactured Garments in due time.

China Shipping started their activities in Bangladesh in 2001 but due to non-cooperation of the then Local Agent, they could not play aremarkable role for which they appointed Bangladesh New Agent Continental Traders in 2013.At present an average 15% of import containers and 8% of export containers of Bangladesh are transported through China Shipping.

According to the statistics of the Continental Traders if this trend continues,it is expected that China Shipping will carry 25% of the total container cargoes of Bangladesh by 2016. Continental Traders is one of the Sister Concerns of Continental Group.