Comment of ex-student

Khan Ataur rahman

CUET ex-students can play role as a catalyst

Engr. Md. Khan Ataur Rhaman, General Manager, Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. and General Secretary CUET Ex-Student Association

I feel very much proud to be think myself as a student of the then Chittagong Engineering College which is now flourished in to Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology” (CUET). We got admission here in 1978, but due to unrest of the institution for more than one year first-year classes were started on 26th September 1979. We started our classes with civil survey which is still the sources of numerous kinds of colorful memories. Presence of the then newly appointed lecturer Mr. Abdur Rahman ( nick name Bayati, given by students)  sir helped the survey practical to be “Multidimensional Humorous “. It was really   enjoyable which are still being discussed among our batch mates. It may be mention here that one of our batch mates is Dr. Jahangir, VC of CUET. It is a great proud to us.. The atmosphere & environment of the CUET is God gifted which can be assumed that only made for “Education & Research works”. Thousands of Engineers came out from this prestigious institution with high tech knowledge which are being now used for development of the country and human being. But sill a lot of things are remaining   to do to make this institution more compatible globally .Huge numbers of our honorable ex-students are established and concerned with high ranking global organization who can easily contribute to do these jobs. But the initiatives should come from the incumbent CUET authorities. We, the ex-students can play role as a catalyst only.”

Ali Hossain

Wishing all the best for my beloved CUET

Engr. Ali Hossain Chowdhury, Project Director, Sylhet Division Rural infrastructure improvement project, LGED

I got myself admitted into Chittagong Engineering College with a dream to be an engineer. My dream comes true when I obtained my B.Sc. degree in civil from this college. It was great news for me while I heard that Chittagong Engineering College, later BIT, now turned into University of Engineering & Technology (CUET). Everybody knows that Chittagong Engineering College is located at a scenic area. Vast campus, natural scenery attracted us very much. With the passing of days newer experiences were added to our lives. We enjoyed even every moment. It was exciting and amazing indeed. Besides all these enjoyments we had to maintain strict regularity in our study that consequently brought us passing out of the university as engineers. The feeling of being an engineer is also great. I wholeheartedly wish all the best for my beloved CUET.


CUET must fill up the time gap

Engr. Ashraful Islam, Project Director, Improvement of Rural roads, bridge/culvert & other infrastructure of backward upazilas of Northern-western region (IRBNWRC), LGED

I am much exited to get the chance to give my opinion in the special coverage on CUET brought out by The Guardian. Turning Chittagong Engineering College into a university, CUET is a great step taken by the Bangladesh Government in order to meet the demand of engineering and technological education in the country. I whole-heartedly support the opportune decision. The students of BIT from the very beginning were demanding to equalize the B.Sc. Engineering in all respects with BUET. Reaction to this regard suggests what more steps government should take so that Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) must fill up the time gap as well as to meet the demand of engineering and technological education in the country. I wish CUET go far.


CUET opens the door for upgrading the quality of education 

Engr. Bipul Chandra Banik, Project Director, Union infrastructure Development, (Khulna, Begerhat and Satkhira Dist, LGED

It is very much exciting for me to write something on my beloved institution. When I got admitted to obtain my B.Sc degree on civil Engineering into this institution, it was Chittagong Engineering College. Fortunately it turned into Bangladesh Institution of Technology. But it was great news for all students that government’s timely decision turned this institution into a university.  Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) has opened the door for upgrading the quality of education and technical side. Authority concerned should take more steps to meet the demand of engineering and technological education in the country. Many years have passed since I quit Bangladesh Institute of Technology Chittagong in 1987, I still remember the glorious time I spent on the campus with my beloved friends and respected teachers.


CUET should undertake more development steps to meet the needs of the age

Anisur Rahman, Sr. Assistant Engineer, Chittagong Zila Parished Office

I got admitted into the Bangladesh Institute of Technology, Chittagong and secured my B.Sc. degree in civil engineering from BIT in 1994; I got nostalgic while I recollect my campus memories. The first thing I noticed was the pressures of study; it would be heavier and more intense. The major challenges of my academic life were the large volumes of course in short time and course of learning to manage problems and cross hurdles at every stage of life. The work load and expectations of parents led students to go through doubt, frustration and probably loneliness. I was far away from comports and friendship that my home provided me over the previous years. I realize now it helps me to organize my life anew. In conclusion, I would like to say that the CUET should undertake more development steps to meet the needs of the age. The curriculum also needs to be modernized to survive in the new age.


CUET life the best part of my life

Engr. Mohammed Kaisar, Project Manager, Uttara Apartment Project & Shantinagar to Dhaka- Mawa Road (Jhilmil) Flyover, RAJUK.

It is honour to me to write something about CUET in The Guardian magazine which published monthly. Because, The Guardian is very well circulated magazine. When I passed H.SC. from Chittagong College in 1993 likewise everyone my target was to be a doctor or an Engineer. Anyway I got chance in BIT, Chittagong now it is well known as CUET. I got Civil Engineering subject which was my favourite choice.

We were 24th batch of CUET. I stayed at at North Hall (room no-324) of my CUET life. It was very much bored time we passed after got admission because of long session jam. We got admitted in 1993 but our class started at 19th may, 1996. We are the sufferer of dirty student politics that time was big frustration for us. But when Class started we enjoyed our time. We enjoyed our CUET life such a beautiful way that it will never come back. I miss lot of 93 batch friends, elder brothers and juniors. Also miss all of our respected teachers, especially Mozammel sir, Omar Imam sir, Saiful sir, Farook sir, Jahangir sir and many others. As well as the art of the state campus the most beautiful CUET campus I miss a lot.

In year 2000, when we were 4th year students, we visited India.Visiting India was a part of our study tour which was a remarkable memory of our life. I always feel that CUET life the best part of my life. I feel proud to be a CUETian.