Comments of Principals

Shahajahan makes a remarkable contribution to improving standard of education in Sandwip


Prof. Abdur Rahim, Principal (in-charge), Government Haji A.B. College


Hon’ble Chairman of Sandwip Upazila Parishad, Alhaj Master Shahajahan B.A., is a distinguished patron of education. He has made a remarkable contribution to improving the standard of education in Sandwip upazila. Under his able leadership and cordial efforts, a revolutionary change has taken place in Sandwip.


Side by side his efforts for development of education, he has played an extraordinary role in the infrastructural development of academic institutions in Sandwip. In addition to these, his contributions to social, cultural, sports and overall infrastructural development in Sandwip are highly rememberable.


I wish Hon’ble Upazila Chairman, Master Shahajahan B.A., a long life and further success.


Shahjahan stands apart in the achievement of human perfection


Alhaz Prof. Rafiqul Huqe, Principal, Uttar Sandwip Degree College


Shahjahan, a legend in the arena of politics, is a darling son of the people of Sandwip. He was born in a respectable Muslim family. After completing academic life, he devoted himself to teaching. He is an ardent follower of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Inspired by the ideals of Bangabadhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he engaged himself in politics and politics has become a part and parcel of his life.


He has a deep inclination for spreading education. Accordingly, he is committed and has been working to uplift the overall standard of education and educational institutions in Sandwip. He is both a patron and a reformer of many educational institutions. Besides being an upazila chairman, he acts as a president of managing committee in many educational institutions.


At present, he is an honorable president of my college. Because of his proper guidance and direction, our college turns into a degree college. For this reason, we really owe to him. In addition to this, he is the pioneer in establishing the political coexistence in Sandwip. He made it possible which was previously impossible. Due to his hard work and devotion, peace and tranquility is prevailing in Sandwip.


His honesty and sincerity is beyond description. His individuality was proved at the time of martial law in 1982. At that time, the country was going through a crucial time. When all public figures fled Sandwip, he steadied himself with the soil of Sandwip by dint of his honesty and sincerity. In that period, he achieved the title of honest and popular union parishad chairman in Sandwip.


During liberation period, he played a very vital role in organizing the freedom fighters. A committee was formed at that time and he was elected the convener of the committee. He rendered all sorts of logistical supports to the freedom fighters in liberating the country from the shackle of slavery.


In a word, he stands apart in the achievement of human perfection.



Shahjahan is a great patron of education in Sandwip


Ratan Ranjan Nath, Principal, Mustafizur Rahman Degree College


Master Md. Shahjahan BA was born in a respectable Muslim family in Bauria union of Sandwip. He is at a time a politician, a social worker, an entrepreneur and also a great patron of education as well as a founder of many educational institutions. He has been elected chairman of Bauria five times. During this long period of chairman, he performed his duty very successfully. He played a key role in ugrading Golam Khalek Academy to a high school. He acted as a president of the managing committee of the high school for a long time. He founded Sandwip Ideal High School in 1986. At present, he is the president of managing committee of several schools and colleges in Sandwip.


During crisis period, he has worked as the guardian of Mustafizur Rahman Degree College and also helped enlist the college under monthly payment order (MPO). Mustafizur Rahman Degree College became guardianless when the then government in 1991 arrested its founder and donor Alhaj Mustafizur Rahman MP in connection with a false case.


At that time, Master Shahjahan came forward as the guardian of the college and engaged himself in all activities of the college as a member of the managing committee. During his visit to America, he collected donations from America-expatriate Sandwipees for the college. The donation has been spent to pay the arrears of teachers and to enlist the college under MPO. Currently, he is an honourable member of the managing committee of this college. After being elected upazila chairman, he arranged to reconstruct the broken road in front of the college.


Mustafizur Rahman Degree College was founded in 1988 by distinguished donor of the country Dipbandhu Mustafizur Rahman MP. Currently 860 students are studying at the college. The college has a total of 36 teachers and staff. In higher secondary level, the college provides education in arts, science and commerce and in bachelor level, it offers courses in BA, BMS and BBS. A process to introduce honours courses in accounting and management is underway.


Shahjahan works relentlessly to expand the light of education in Sandwip


Kazi Ashraf Uddin, Principal, South Sandwip College


Master Shajahan BA is the real lover of Sandwip who stays at the top of numerous successes. He is a successful teacher, a successful politician, a successful social reformer, a successful administrator, and overall he is a successful person.  He serves people of Sandwip as an honest, friendly and successful chairman for a long period of time. He has gained a place at the hearts of people by his noble activities


He has engaged himself with the needs and requirements of the inhabitants of Sandwip. He always gives right direction in politics. Through hard work, he has created a strong and high position in politics. His role in political arena is praiseworthy. In that trend, still the chairman Shahjahan is the guardian of Sandwipees. He rushes to every nook and corner of Sandwip and extends the hand of support and sympathy to solve any problem of the locals.


He works sincerely and relentlessly to expand the light of education in Sandwip. He regularly visits and extends support to different educational institutions in Sandwip. People of Sandwip will remember his role for long in spreading education in Sandwip.


I wish him sound health and a long life.


Shahjahan brings in a revolutionary change in educational environment in Sandwip


Mohammad Hanif, Principal, Abul Quasem Haider Mohila College


Alhaj Master Md. Shajahan BA is the hon’able chairman of Sandwip upazila Parishad. After being elected upazila chairman, he has contributed a lot on the overall development of Sandwip. He has brought in a revolutionary change in educational environment in Sandwip. People of Sandwip are now living in peace because of prevailing good law and order situation in Sandwip. Electricity, roads and many other infrastructures have been established here. He is working relentlessly to fulfil the long cherished dream of Sandwipees in constructing a cross-dam. In all, he has been working day and night with the people of Sandwip for the development of Sandwip.


I wish this scholarly person, dedicated politician and social worker every success in life.