Comments of Superintendents

Shahjahan is a glorified political leader and a pious man


Mohd. Belayet Hossain Talukder, Principal, Katghor Islamia Fazil Madrasha and President, Sandwip Press Club


Hon’ble upazilla chairman Alhaj Sahjahan B.A. is a devoted social worker and a dedicated political leader. He loves people heartily from his boyhood. That is why; the people of Bauria union elected him chairman for five terms. Lastly, the people of Sandwip elected him upazila chairman because of his love for people and recognition of social work. The contribution of upazila chairman Shahjahan for the people of Sandwip is praiseworthy.


After being elected as an upazila chairman he is trying his level best for the development of all sectors of Sandwip. For example he is trying sincerely to construct Sandwip-Urichar Cross-Dam. Secondly, for his special endeavor the south side of sluice gate has been constructed rapidly. Thirdly, he is trying to maintain a peaceful social and educational environment in Sandwip and also to stop political terrorism. He has urged leaders and activists of all political parties in Sandwip to work unitedly. He is trying to run a harmonious relation among the political parties. For his cordial efforts, now there is no clash and chaos among the political parties. Fourthly, he is trying to develop the communication sector. Fifthly, as a scholarly person, he is trying to bring in a revolutionary change in education sector in order to keep pace with the modern world.

He advises the head of all the educational institutions to develop their education policy, to maintain rules and regulations and also to develop co-curricular activities.

At present he is a praised and glorified political leader and a pious man.

I wish him success in very sphere of life.




Shahjahan is very conscious for the advancement of education


Abul Moeen Mohammad Ansarul Hoque, Superintendent and Secretary, Musapur Sheikh Mohammad Islamia Dakhil Madrasha


Alhaj Shahjahan B.A. is the Chairman of Sandwip upazila. He listens to all kinds of problem and complaint of the people from every nook and corner of Sandwip, and accordingly tries to fulfil their demand.

Shahjahan is very conscious for the advancement of education and development of educational institutions of Sandwip He gathers information of all schools, colleges and Madrashas and thereby takes time-befitting measure to fulfil the vital needs. He helps develop madrashas by allotting from government fund. At present our madrasha is in need of a hostel for the students. We hope it would come to his notice soon.


Master Shahjahan is an honest, a dedicated social worker as well as a successful politician. I wish him every success in life.





Shahjahan pays due attention to upgrade Islamic education in Sandwip


Muhammad Alamgir, Superintendent and Secretary, Hazi Abdul Malek Islamia Dakhil Madrasha


Alhaj Md. Shahajahan, popularly known as Master Shajahan, is an educated person. He is very popular with the general people. His sincerity, honesty and social service are dedicated for the welfare of the people of Sandwip. He has won the hearts of the inhabitants of this island through his philanthropic activities. Some of his development efforts for my institution are: since the establishment of this Madrasha, Mr. Shajahan BA has continuously been patronizing us; very often he visits our institution, especially on the occasion of different cultural and religious functions; and under his kind patronization, in the recent years we have gone forward, especially on education and culture aspect.


I wish him every success and healthy long life.




Shahjahan tries to ensure a sound atmosphere of education in Sandwip   


Mohammad Nizam Uddin, Superintendent and Secretary, Shekander Shafia Islamia Dakhil Madrasha


We, the neglected teachers of Sandwip have observed the cordial efforts of the hon’ble upzailla chairman Shahjahan to materialize the spirit of the noted proverb “Education is nation’s backbone.” In fact, it goes without saying that the more a nation is educated the more it is developed. Without education no nation can attain its desired goal. Education is the gateway of civilization.


The island Sandwip is isolated from the main land of the country. Sandwip is naturally a disaster- prone locality and has a troublesome communication system but academically and culturally a highly developed place. Daughter of sea Sandwip has produced a large number of worthy sons of the country. The persons who have done a lot to carry forward the trend of development activities for their birth place are the real enlightened men of civilization. In that sense, among many great sons of Sandwip, the name of the hon’ble upazila chairman Shahajahan is worth mentioning. If the name of Shahjahan is not mentioned and given due recognition with other worthy sons of this soil, the country may not give birth to such worthy sons any more. The name of Shahjahan will be written with golden letters in the history of Sandwip. He is regarded as a living legend of Sandwip.


So we sincerely expect the cordial presence of Shahjahan in any kind of development works in Sandwip.




Shahajahan’s contribution to spreading Islamic education in Sandwip memorable


Abu Bakkar Siddique, Superintendent, Kajirkhil Al-Islam Asharaful Uloom Madrasa & Atimkhana


In spreading religious education, especially Islamic education in Sandwip, whose contributions are memorable, Master Shahajahan is one of them. Under the leadership and untiring efforts of Shahajahan, Bauriai Rahmania Madrasa was founded long ago to spread Islamic education in Sandwip. It is such a prominent Madrasa, which produced Mowlana Jamal Uddin, who was an eminent Islamic scholar and orator in Bangladesh.


Mr. Shahajahan was the president of Sandwip Atim Khana and Wafq House of Horishpur, which is the traditional orphanage of Sandwip. He successfully administered the activities of this Atim Khana & Waqf.