Congratulation to Zahirul Alam Jashim for being elected as counsellor of Chittagong City Corporation

--Report by Md.Fazlul Kabir

A respectable person of Sandwip Md. Zahirul Alam Jashim  has been elected Counsellor of Ward No:  9  Phartali   in the local govt election 2015 of  Chittagong City Corporation.

Phartali, Akborsha Thana and Halishar locality in Chittagong is said as the second  Sandwip. At this locality thousands of people  live  in  are the owner of lots of houses and land properties are all of  Sandwip. But only because of  party feelings  even there are sufficient  favorable  position, Sandwipees have not been able to elect a Counsellor from their own worthy presons. Tthis time hope  of Sandwipees has been fulfilled. The village  Nayamasti of Md. Zahirul Alam Jashim, son of Late AKM. Abiul Hoque, has been broken down by the river. So he has been living now  in Ward No:- 9 Phartali of Ferojshah, Chattagong.

Md. Zahirul Alam Jashim   was an active  worker of Bangladesh Chhatraleague form his  student life. At first he was a leader  of  Chhatraleague and then became the leader of  Chittagong district  Chhatraleague, and afterward he became the Secretary of Bangladesh  Awamileague in Ward No: 9 Phartali. Md. Zahirul Alam Jashim   passed BA. from Chittagong Govt. Collage . He  was involved in various social works besides political functioning . He has built Mosque and Madrasa for  the  development of the locality. Mr. Jashim has established Bangabandhu High School in Biswa Colony  R/A. His late father AKM. Abiul Hoque had also  established  a  primary school  at his own expense.

Besides this,  he has been the president of Pahartli Garls’ High School and has been working for  the development of this school, then helped this school to turn into a college. He likes all to join along with him  for the development of locality. The inhabitants of   the ward from Sandwip convey their heartfelt congratulations to  Md. Zahirul Alam Jashim for being elected  counsellor.