Foucas on Rajshahi City

Creating employment opportunity in Rajshahi city would be my first priority

Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul

The 48-year old BNP central committee Member and Rajshahi City Jubo Dal Convener Mohammad Mossadek Hossain Bulbul is elected Mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC) with a landside victory in RCC election on 15 June. To many of the city, to defeat the sitting Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton was very tough because Liton has made a history of development in Rajshahi city but mass-people proved their idea wrong. Bulbul won a landside victory, with a huge difference of votes.

At this exciting moment, The Guardian Rajshahi Bureau Chief Kazi Gias talked to Mr. Bulbul to know about his feeling and accordingly asked him a few questions. The excerpts of his valuable interview are presented here for The Guardian readers at home and abroad:

The Guardian: Mr. Bulbul, you have been elected Mayor with the difference of huge votes in RCC election on 15 June. At this moment, what is your feeling about your voters?

Bulbul: I believe the voters of Rajshahi Metropolitan have taken right decision in the RCC election, choosing the path of justice and truth. I welcome their good decision and express my heart-felt gratitude to them all.

The Guardian: The voters of Rajshahi Metropolitan have elected you Mayor by giving their mandate to you for serving them for 5 years. Would you say as reciprocation to their mandate what steps you are thinking to take to bring comports in the life of the city dwellers and to ensure developments in the city? In this context, would you also say whether you would continue the trend of development, keeping the unfinished works of the former Mayor AHM Kharuzzaman Liton in consideration for implementation in future?

Bulbul: After taking the responsibility of Mayor, creating employment opportunity in Rajshahi city would be my first priority. Besides, all works undertaken for people’s welfare will remain ongoing.

The Guardian: Among many pledges given by you in your election manifesto to city dwellers, which one would you implement first? How would you face the obstacles to successful implementation of development works? In this context, what are you thinking about one of the many allegations brought against the former City Father in politicizing the Nagor Bhaban and what steps are you  thinking to take to cleanse as well as to protect the Nagar Bhaban from further politicization?

Bulbul: You know Rajshahi is a peaceful city. The acute problem in the city is unemployment. If this problem is given priority and solved, other problems can be easily resolved. Nagor Bhaban must be a place for people, not for politicization of City Father. I remain to be only service provider to the people of Rajshahi Metropolitan. So, I urge the cooperation of the people of all walks of life with me to make RCC truly a place of services for all.

The Guardian: After taking over the charge of Mayor, which work would you take up first to improve the city as well as to improve the life standard of the city dwellers? And you know Rajshahi is called the city of education; but only Rajshahi University, there is no other such large academic institution here. It is learnt that in an initiative was undertaken in the past to establish a university in the name of RCC University but it is yet to see the light of the day. Would you take any initiative to turn it into a reality?

Bulbul: After my taking over the charge of RCC, I’ll take that step first which would help to improve the life standard of city dwellers and which does not hamper the ongoing life standard of the city dwellers. The pledges mentioned in my election manifesto about academic affairs must remain in aim, along with others, to implement one after another. However, the prime target would be to ensure that in no way development works are hampered.

The Guardian: Your party BNP accompanied by its alliance is putting pressure on the government to implement its demand of caretaker government for the upcoming national elections. As a symbol of youth as well as a young Mayor, how are you justifying this demand?

Bulbul: This is the demand of mass-people of Bangladesh. BNP is committed to fulfil the demand of the people, because BNP does politics for people and people’s welfare. You know, ensuring peace, democratic right and economic prosperity of the countrymen is the topmost priority of BNP. So, in this issue, the expectation of the people can not be denied. I am very much loyal to the people of the country and my party BNP and my leader Begum Khaleda Zia. So, I have full support to this justified demand of the opposition party.

In the end, I thank you and The Guardian authorities for giving me a chance to thank and express my gratitude to my voters.

Profile of Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul

Mohammad Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul, son of late Dr. Abdur Rashid and Fetema Begum, was born on 5 June 1965 in Boalia of Rajshahi district. He passed the SSC exam in 1981 from Sirail Government High School and HSC exam in 1984 from Rajshahi Government City College under Rajshahi Education Board. He obtained the Bachelor’s degree in 1986 from the University of Rajshahi and MSS in Political Science in 1988 from the same University. Besides, he received LLB degree in 1992 from the Rajshahi University.

Mr. Bulbul joined politics in his early education life. He was elected sports Secretary of the College Students’ Union in 1982 while studying at Rajshahi Government City College. He was General Secretary of Rajshai College Wing of JCD in 1985, Senior Vice-President of Rajshahi Metropolitan College Chapter of JCD in 1990 and Vice-President of Rajshahi District JCD in 1991.

After a very successful performance with JCD, Mr, Bulbul was given responsibility to perform in Jubo Dal. He was Joint General Secretary of Rajshahi District Jubo Dal in 1994 and Convener of Rajshahi Mohanagor Jubo Dal in 1998. He became Joint General Secretary of Central Committee of Jubo Dal in 2002 and became President of Rajshahi Mohanagor Jubo Dal in 2003. He has been successfully performing his responsibility as Convener of Rajshahi Mohanagor Jubo Dal since 2010 till to date. Besides, he has been Member of National Central Committee of BNP and performing his duties as Member of Central Committee since 2010.

During his long political career, he was arrested a few times and imprisoned in 1989, 1990 and 2012. This committed politician is also dedicated to education and different socio-cultural activities in and around the Rajshahi city. He is the Founder Chairman of Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Physical Education College; Chairman of Kazi Nazrul Islam Technical & BM College; President of Regional Association for Development Alternative in Rajshahi; Vice-Chairman of Satellite Town School; Civil Member of Rajshahi District Law-Order and Coordination Committee; Member of Rajshahi Divisioal Livestock Development Committee; Adviser of Rajshahi Suburb Sports and Cultural Club and also Adviser of Heroic Freedom Fighter Moyenuddin Ahmed Manik Memorial Council.

Mr. Bulbul first participated in RCC Mayor Election on 4th August 2008, contesting with Mr. AHM Khamruzzaman Liton and stood second, securing 74, 550 votes. On 15 June, he won the election with 1, 31,058 votes, with a huge difference from his contestant, sitting Mayor Liton.

Bulbul is married to Rebeka Sultana Simi. The couple is leading a happy life with one son and one daughter.