CUET and its graduates must serve Bangaldesh to stand as a digital Bangaldash

Kabir Ahmed Bhuiyan

Md. Kabir Ahmed Bhuiyan
President of IEB
Former Chief Engineer
Public Works Department and
President, CUET Ex-Student Association

It is a great pleasure for me that The Guardian is bringing out a special issue on Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET). Not only the students of CUET but also all classes of people will be able to know in more details about the CUET and its contributions through this publication.

The historic name and fame of CUET is spreading all over the country to a great extent, for its role in the fields of Science, Technology, Education, Cultural and Socio- economic heritage dates back in 1968 through establishing Engineering College of Chittagong.

The outstanding contributions and attributions of CUET are deeply mentionable in each and everywhere of engineering sector across the country. At present, the students and the teachers of CUET are properly communicating with the whole world skillfully.

As CUET students, some of us initiated the effort for forming an organization named ‘Ex Students’ Association in 1978. Since then our journey is running through as a multi-dimensional effort whereas we are trying to contribute purely, neutrally to building a prosperous nation.

The prime objective of this association is to unite all ex-students through creative technological and cultural activities, building harmonious and welfare based relationship and linking communication among them.

Enhancing professional experience through arranging decision, seminar, research and publication includes in the activities of the association.

Students’ welfare Foundation is a sister organization of CUET Ex-students’ Association. This foundation enhances their activities through the different cultural, social and economic welfare activities for the helpless and destitute people, side by side praiseworthy steps are taken for the poor students to allocate stipend and scholarship themselves.
Now we are planning with a request of present Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor to construct Teacher Student Centre (TSC) at the premises of CUET in the name of “CUET Ex-Student TSC.” CUET Ex-Student Association will provide 1 (one) crore of Taka for the construction of ground floor of TSC.

As a student of CUET, I feel very proud of CUET. During our times, it was a college. Now it is a complete university. The students of present times are very fortunate. They are now studying at an environment of university, which enables then to interact with the other universities at home and abroad.

The world of today is a very dynamic world. It is an age of science and technology. So, the CUET students are getting huge scope to learn the latest aspects of knowledge in engineering and technology, and by obtaining the latest knowledge they would be able to serve our homeland and the world more effectively. I wish they must realize it and act with this spirit in their minds.

Last of all, I once again want to express my feelings and gratitude to The Guardian for their cordial initiative to bring out this special issue and to inspire the CUET and its students to serve our nation and the world that can help Bangladesh to stand as a Digital Bangladesh in all over the world.