CUET contributes a lot to our nation building activities

Didarul Alom Shamim

Engr. Shah Didarul Alam Shamim
Superintendent Engineer (EME) and
Deputy Project Director
Uttara Apartment Project, RAJUK

I was a student at 10th Batch at CIIITTAGONG ENGINEERING COLLEGE. Now the institute has been a University in the name of CHITTAGONG UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (CUET). The location at Varsity Campus is about 18-20 km North-East side from Chittagong metropolitan City which is surrounded by green hill and environmental friendly. Since becoming a University, new Departments, Research Centres and institutes have been established to meet the emerging needs of the Country. New programs have been introduced and old programs have been graded to mould engineers, architects and planners to cater to the needs and demands of the Country.

While we got admitted at the Chittagong Engineering College we promised to be good engineers through studying at this college and our dream came true by getting the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Chittagong Engineering College. Whatever the position I hold today, it has been possible because of my engineering degree from Chittagong Engineering College. CUET is the pioneer institute in Bangladesh uncompromising natural in imparting quality education, enhancing potential of students, quality teaching, proving healthy environment, showing transparency and accountability at all level. CUET is ranked as the top most University in Bangladesh. A large number of CUET alumni are working in Bangladesh and at different government/semi government and Non Government Organization field’s also outside the country.

Recently the scope of engineering has opened up a broader horizon. We have already got the connection of submarine Cable. Through this we have been easily connected with information Super highway with other countries of the world. Now a days we can turn, our people into skilled workforce that our nation needs at different levels and sectors and that also can help solve the unemployment problem in our over populated country. I am very optimistic that soon we will be able to reach the ultimate goal.

Our next-door neighbor India has already achieved outstanding success in Information Technology (IT) Sector is increasing by becoming an invaluable and powerful tool for driving development, supporting growth promoting invitation, and enhancing competiveness. Emerging IT offers opportunities los for developing Countries to leapfrog earlier Stages of development.

With and increasingly shared global environment limited by time or distance, nation around the world need to get connected and join the global networked Community. They understand the importance and necessity of engineering and technological education in time. Accordingly they take all-out measures to widen the scope of IT Education. In Bangladesh, though we are late, presently we have come to realize it and now we are moving fast to become an. IT enriched nation. I believe that our large numbers of youth. are now undertaken IT education, and they will play very effective role within a short time to change the destiny of the nation.

The CUET being one of the loading institutions has boon contributing a lot in our nation building activities providing a good number of its high quality technical products. Most of the CUET products are now holding leading position. In various government and private sector organization. They are some way engaged in policy-making as well as development activities of the country. As an Engineering University, the CUET is contributing in building the nation.

To meet the demand of the world standard education in engineering sector of education, more infrastructure, instrumental arrangement, research and other relevant facilities, modern laboratories, logging and automated electric device, e-lab connectivity and other relevant facilities are essential for CUET as a new University and all these needs to be provided soon. In this regard, the CUET authorities and it. former students should play more important roles. This is the appropriate time to take proper initiative to help the university as the present government under the leadership of our dynamic Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working with specific programme to make our country a digital Bangladesh. Of course, there is no alternative to engineering and technology education to make digital Bangladesh. So, the government should also extend all necessary support and cooperation to the CUET and all other Engineering Universities.

At last I feel, we, who were graduated from Chittagong Engineering Collage, have some affinity to our college campus. For its beautiful location with a scenic surrounding and attracting natural ingredients, we remember it time and again, and I love CUET very much. Let it be attractive to the incumbent and future students of CUET!