CUET driven Team Chottola


Engr. Utpal Kumar Das
Managing Director
POWERtrac Group

The Asian High Way, Export & Import through Chittagong port Deep Sea Port to be Constructed in Cittagong, Ship Building Industry, Ship Breaking Industry, RMG, Fish Industry, Gas and Petroleum mining and proper utilization of sea resources specially after the two great “SEA-AREA” win from India and Myanmar in each and every ongoing work and activities modern and cut to point technology and its every second application is important. So importance of Chittagongs University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) is now demanded to be the best of its name. Now CUET is to take the more and more responsibilities to fulfill the needs to make the Chittagong as the Techno-commercial HUB of south East Asia in true sense. The responsibilities of CUET are now more than IIT and AIT. The university CUET is also moving forward with the demand of time. New departments are being opened. Existing departments are becoming rich every day by expansion of lab facilities and increasing teaching staffs.

However through the present dynamic management is trying a lot in improvement and development through academic activities still there is a big gap between techno-commercial activities and uses of our expert opinions from CUET technologists. Here I request again our young and dynamic VC to form a TEAM CHOTTOLA headed by the vice canceller of our beloved University CUET. Here I can prescribe a short form of this team to think about and to take forward it in reality.

VC will always preside over this meeting.

Team Leader :- Pro-VC, CUET.
01. All department heads of CUET.
02. Chairman/ CE of Cittagong Port Authority.
03. Chairman/ C-E of CDA (Cittagong Development authority)
04. Chairman/ C-E of CCC. Cittagong City Corporation)
05. Chairman & Honorary Secretary of IEB Cittagong.
06. Head Marine Fish. Department of C.U(Cittagong University)
07. Head of IBA, D.U (Dhaka University)
08. Head BBA C.U (Cittagong University)
09. Representative from BUET.
10. Representative from Petrobangla TITAS
11. C-E BSC ( Bangladesh Shipping Corporation)
12. Chief of Marine fishery academy.
13. ACE and roads and from High Ways and Railway.
14. 10 Engineers and enter-preneours from Private Sector.

Finance will come from private enter-preneours and CUET

Purpose of team Chottola
01. Sustainable technology in education and application.
02. Local and regional at market research.
03. All technological development in research out come of CUET will be commercially developed and marketed by identified business persons by the team
04. Developing Special Pilot Projects
05. Giving proper technical Suggestion to government and its organs.
06. To ensure Sustainable business growth through proper technology.
07. To keep watch on all Engineering sector to ensure health Competition as well as industrial growth in private and public sector.
08. Root cause analysis of any industrial or application failure.
09. To warn against any wrong decision that can bring long run damage of a big sector.