CUET: Public procurement versus public university


Md. Mizanur Rahman

Procurement means purchasing or hiring of Goods & related services, execution of works & Physical services and performance of Intellectual & Professional services by any contractual means. Where the public money is used to procure the goods, works & service that is public procurement.
Public University
An Academic Institution that provides higher education through Ministry of Education by using public money.

Above both are same here as a “public”, One is the Institute (University) and another is the process (Procurement) how to spend the public money by following the rules & regulation of PPR-2008. This is critical situation to spend the Revenue & Development budget. At the end of financial year statement shows that, the revenue fund is short but the ending year of development project fund is unused. Then we try to complete the project within tight schedule. Very unplanned decision has made to spend the project money. But there is a big barrier of Public Procurement Rules (PPR-2008) and Public Procurement Act. (PPA-2006). We are public servant, Universities are public and Money of public; but who will take this responsibilities – University, Money or Servant? Human being is present here to proper use of money and build up the University. So, no doubt to say that Public servant will have to take the strong initiative to save the public money & university.

There are some suggestions here for public University to proper use of Revenue and Development budge:
1. Follow the Public Procurement Rules (PPR-2008) & Public Procurement Act (PPA-2006).
2. Prepare Procurement Plan before 30th June for the next financial year pursuant Rules-16.
3. As per Procurement plan demand to be collected from distinguish department/ section.
4. To perform a best procurement; a procurement Cell or Section is to be setup immediately.
5. Procurement personal should be pro-active & negotiated minded.
6. Training of Procurement personal is mandatory.
7. Minimum consciousness regarding PPR-2008 is required for TEC & TOC member.
8. Technically avoiding the unauthorized pressure in the procurement process.
9. Remove the delaying hamper of Inspection & Payment systems.
10. Mini workshop/seminar/t raining session should be arranged among the Procurement, Accounts, Audit and Planning & Development staff regarding misconception of PPR-2008.