4 convicted for Delhi gang rape

Four men have been found guilty of the fatal gang rape of a medical student in the Indian capital Delhi last December.

The 23-year-old woman was brutally assaulted on a bus and died two weeks later.

Her death led to days of huge protests across India in a wave of unprecedented anger.

The case forced the introduction of tough new laws to punish sexual offences and sparked a national debate on the treatment of women.

The four, who denied charges including rape and murder, could face the death penaltyover the attack on the physiotherapy student.

Sentences are expected to be handed down on Wednesday.

New laws introduced in March prescribed the death penalty – which is carried out very rarely in India – in cases of rape that cause death or leave the victim in a vegetative state.

They also contained penalties for stalking, groping, voyeurism and acid attacks.

On 31 August a teenager who was found guilty of taking part in the rape in Delhi was sentenced to three years in a reform facility, the maximum term possible because the crime was committed when he was 17. He also denied all the charges.

A fifth adult defendant, Ram Singh, was found dead in his cell in March. Prison officials said they believed he hanged himself but his family allege he was murdered.