The Department of Bangla: Dhaka College

Prof. Zenet Roxana, Head of the Department of Bangla, Dhaka College

“Our Pride; Our Hope

Oh! My dear Bengali Language”.

Bengali language is one of the most rich languages in the whole world. Bangla literature has been able to establish its position in the world literature through poetry, novels, short stories, drama song etc. In 1913 Rrbindranath Tagore was awarded noble prize for his great contribution the Bengali literature. Tagores’ “Geetanjali” was highly admired by the literary critics and Bangla literature earned recognition in the entire world.

The history of Bengali language and literature is quite ancient. “Charjapad” is an excellent example of old Bengali poetry. In the in nineteenth century we notice the emergence of Bengali prose which spread rapidly with a touch of modernism. Raja Rammohan Roy, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, Akshaykumar Dutta, Michael Madhusuden Dutta, Bankim Chandra Chatarjee made remarkable contribution to Bengali literature through their work and enriched our language and literature. Then came Rabindranath as a luminous star in Bengali literature. Besides Rabindranath, Dijendralal Roy, Atul Prasad Sen, Rajanikant Sen and specially Kazi Nazrul Islam enriched Bengali song during that period. Renowned writers and poets like Pramath Chowdhury, Syed Mujtaba Ali, Buddhan Dev Basu, Jibana Ananda Das, Satyendranath Dutta, Jasimuddin, Bivutibahnshan, Tanashandar, Manik Bandhopadh –ay made remarkable development in Bengali literature by portraying present social realism and endeavor for freedom form subjugation.

Today Bengali literature is well known to the people of other countries. It is a matter of great pride that Bengali language is recognized as International Mother Language. We notice the contribution of literati in the improvement of Bengali language and literature. Similar contribution is made by the teachers and students of Bengali. DhakaCollege is one of the best educational institutions of Bangladesh. The history of Bengali department in this College is very old and has a rich tradition. Many students of this department are well established in their respective fields. Bangla Department has produced many teachers, writers, journalists, politicians. Many of the teachers of this department are well-known authors. We are proud to have teachers like Dr. Ashraf Siddique, Showkat Osman, Akhteruzzaman Ilia, Abdullah Abu Syed who rendered great service to Bengali language and literature.

Bengali department is situated in the main building and it is well decorated. On the roof there is a beautiful garden and the veranda is full of flower pots. We have efficient and literary minded teachers. We have a seminar room with library where we can find rare books. For the students we try to provide modern technology and for their entertainment we keep equipments.

In the Bengali department we have more than one thousand students. We offer B. A. Honours and M. A. courses under National University. In the H. S. C. level Bangla is a compulsory subject. We have thirteen teachers in the department who try to teach the students with their hard work, merit and dedication. They also inspire the students to be patriotic and philanthropic. The student take part in cultural activities and games besides studies and keep the department lively. We celebrate important National Days and this reflects our patriotic feelings. “Bratachari” a tradition of rural Bangladesh which is a combination of song and paying with sticks is performed by the students of this department. Bengali department has a good reputation in directing and staging dramas. Bengali department is a representative department of DhakaCollege. It plays a vital role in the development of Bengali language and literature. We have a firm determination that in future Bangla department will leave a commendable feat for the nation.