Department of Islamic History and Culture

Prof. Zakia Begum, Head of the Department of Islamic History and Culture, Dhaka College

Dhaka College is a renowned institution of Indian Sub Continent. It was established in 1841 A.D. Dhaka College has a great contribution and remarkable achievement in spreading education in this country. MR.J IRELAND is the first Principal of this college. At present it has twenty departments. Honours and Masters Course are affiliated in nineteen departments. Islamic History and culture department is situated in the Northern end of main academic building.

Islamic History and Culture is one of oldest and largest Department of this College. National University first gave permission to introduce M.A preliminary course in 1993. Masters final course was affiliated in 1994-1995 session under National University. Honours course was affiliated in 2003-2004 session. In the academic session 2001-2002, the traditional three year B.A (Honours) course has been changed to four year B.A (Honours). Every year a large number of Students are completed Honors & Masters course successfully. The result of this Department is remarkable & satisfactory. Several times this Department was first position in Honors and masters level under National University. Total Students of this Department is near about 1500. Besides, the students of the department are involved in different extra-curriculum activities which help them immensely to have real-life experience.

Teachers of Department of Islamic History and Culture:

Department of Islamic History and Culture of Dhaka College consist of a group of eleven excellent teachers with rich educational background. The department is running very well under there effective leadership and guidance. Among them, the are:


SL Name Degnation
1 Zakia Begum Professor and Head of the Department
2 Md Abu Taher Patwary  Associate Professor
3 Afroza Sultana Associate Professor
4 Hosna Ara Hasi, Associate Professor
5 Sufia Naznin Assistant Professor
6 Saleha Yesmin Assistant Professor
7 Narun Nahar Sikha Assistant Professor
8 Hasina Parvin Assistant Professor
9 Mohammad Anwar Mahamud, Assistant Professor
10 Afroza Parvin Lecturer
11 Ishrat Jahan Lecturer


The department has been well recognized and students are happy with the teaching technique of their respected teachers. Since its inception teachers has always been in close contact with the students, look after their academic and personal wellbeing to make them worthy citizen.


In addition to the facility of Dhaka College Central Library. Department of Islamic History and Culture has own collection of thousands of books, publications, journals etc in the seminar. It is easily accessible by teachers & students alike.

Last Three Years Result of Honours and Masters Level

In Honours Level

Year 1st  Class 2nd Class % of pass Remarks
2008 * 89 96 %  
2009 * 93 98 %  
2010 01 92 98 %  


In Masters Level

Year 1st  Class 2nd Class % of pass Remarks
2007 14 155 97 %  
2008 27 186 98 %  
2009 34 201 99 %  

Job Opportunities:

On successful completion of the postgraduate program. the student of Islamic History and Culture are expected to serve in public and private sectors. They can also serve NGOs, banks and international development agencies.