Department of Management of Dhaka University a center of creating scholars and talents

Md. Mukhlesur Rahman MBA General Manager  ICT Division, BKB

Md. Mukhlesur Rahman MBA
General Manager
ICT Division, BKB

We can say that Dhaka University is such as an educational institution which may be termed as power house of knowledge and excellence Dhaka University own a heritage and it has a huge number of Faculties from where thousands graduates turned out in every year and engaged in different activities and these talents make a lot of contributions in own nation building activities. Students and Teachers of Dhaka University are always awake for upholding the Right of General Masses. To up holds and Protect the democratic rights and interest of national and internationally they always make human chain, exchange views in print and Electronic Media. They also arranged meeting, seminar, workshop and through these process they throw their ideas and knowledge to the Ministries and Law makers. Dhaka University Publishes different journals and Publications whole the year and through the process they share their views of different issues nationally and internationally whenever the state faces crucial moment then and then we see that students and teachers of Dhaka University come forward for solving that issues and showing such type of role. Dhaka University carried name and fame nationally and internationally. Whenever there is oppression on General Mass in any country Dhaka University come forward for protect and show demonstration and show sympathy and give their statement. We also see that students and teachers of Dhaka University sacrificed their lives for the independence of our country and they took part for the liberation of our country. After independence they undertook different activities for socio Economic development of our country and they also always struggle against oppression and freedom of print and Electronic Media, welfare of teacher, student and overall for whole nation.

As an old student of Management department of Dhaka University I feel proud that the department is a richest one and outgoing students earned name and fame throughout nationally and internationally. I think so that management department is the centre point of scholars and talents creator. Management graduates spreading through nation and abroad are, politician, law maker, burocract, teachers of school, college and university, Business icon, Banker emplayee/ offices of NGO and other profession so for my knowledge in every space they are contributing lot for the development of their organization and the country as a whole. As a banker I have the opportunity to became member of Recruitment and viva board committee and I witnessed that candidates of management discipline done well in written and viva examination. So it is the result and quality education from management department of Dhaka University.

Suggest the following steps to the taken
1. Sought much more close and cordial relation between student, Teacher and officials of Management department of Dhaka University.
2. Talent, creative and scholars teacher should be recruitment in the department in full time/part time/officers employed in govt., semi-govt. offices, Banks Insurance and NGO should invite as a guest speaker just of exchange the ideas.
3. More and More Research work should under took in different level and management in govt./semi govt./ NGO, Bank/Insurance and other organizations.
4. Make arrangement of inter exchange of ideas knowledge sharing between teacher students and officials of govt. office semi govt. office Bank, insurance and other professional levels.
5. Management department and Dhaka University should make close liaison with different offices just to make available of the job opportunities of the fresh graduates of management department of Dhaka University .
6. Seminars and Symposium should arranged frequently of management issues of govt. officials semi govt. officials, Bank, insurance and Business issues.