Department of Political Science Dhaka College, Dhaka

Prof. S. K. Sayedual Islam, Head of the Department Political Science Dhaka College

The Department of Political Science is one of the largest departments of renowned DhakaCollege. Masters Course and Honours Course were introduced here in 1997 and 1998 respectively. At present 12 teachers are serving in this department. About 1460 students are studying in Honours and Masters Courses. In HSC level a large number of students study Civics under this department. Honours and Masters result of this department is highly satisfactory. Last year 26 students got first class in the MSS examination. Teachers and students of this department are engaged in various extracurricular activities like music, drama, recitation, debate, semier games and sports etc. A good number of graduates and post graduates from this department are employed in responsible posts in various government and non-government organizationS.

Political science department offers many political courses in its accademic curriculum. These are political philosophy, political history, International relations, Public Administration, political sociology, Economics, Statistics, Gender studies etc. Some functional areas of the course curiculum also covers some technical aspects to improve student’s teachnical skills like ICT and research methodology.

Department of Political Science arranges presentation classes and study tour to promote students knowledge. Sometimes department arranges Lectures of renowned resource persons for the students.

Political Science department facilitates students with seminar books, Film show, study group performance. Students of this department get ICT lab facility. Sporadic desertation written by the students are evaluated by the teachers.

They use the seminar library rich with sufficient books, magazine, periodicals etc.

Students of political science participate in many extra-curricular activities like debate music, games and sports. Last year this department has become runner up in the inter departmental debate competition. This department became champion and runner up for several times in the inter departmental football champion ship.

In order to create Job opportunity for the students, we prepare them for competing in the BCS exam and NGO’s and many other research organisations. It should be mentioned that fifty percent of the syllabus of the BCS examination is related to political science. We take care of our student, so that they can compete the exam properly.

As the NGO’s work for the socio-economic development and over all modernization of the country the students of political science feel easier to work with the NGO’s.

Students of this department have a good chance to work in various research organizations like C.P.D, TIB, ASHOK, BELA, SUJAN etc.

In future we hope to develop and modernize the department with multimedia facility along with modern class rooms, digital content Lab, and other latest information technology of the time.


Name of the teachers of the Department

Sl. No Name Designation
1. S. K. Sayedual Islam Professor and Head of Department
2. MS Salma Akhter Professor
3. Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam Talukdar Associate Professor
4. S.M. Amirul Islam Associate Professor
5. MS. Shamiita Sultana Assistant Professor
6. MS. Ranjana Sayed Assistant Professor
7. MS. Mukta Saha Assistant Professor
8. MS. Farjana Jesmin Assistant Professor
9. MR. Rezaul Karim Boyate Assistant Professor
10. MR.KhanAbdullahAlAsad Assistant Professor
11. MS. Saleha Khatun Assistant Professor
12. MS. Most. Razia Sultana Lecturer