Development Projects of Survey of Bangladesh and the Beneficiaries

--Md. Mustafijur Rahman, DD(S) & Major Md. Robiul Haque

Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) is the National Mapping Organization (NMO) of Bangladesh. Some of her important functions are Geodetic Control Survey, topographic survey and mapping etc. SOB is committed to provide basic topographic mapping information of Bangladesh. There is increasing demand for more detailed topographic information from the users, besides the demand for other associated geo-spatial products like Digital Elevation Model (DEM), land cover/ land use maps, ortho-photo maps, image map, raw aerial photograph. DEM is one of the primary data for modeling of Flood Forecasting and Management, irrigation and many other scientific and engineering works. At present scale of Base Map is 1: 50,000 with Everest-1830 ellipsoid since inception till date. Bangladesh felt to change the scale of Base map to 1: 25,000 to accommodate increasing cultural features and project natural features with more detailed information along with elevation details. SOB is implementing a new project titled Improvement of Digital Mapping System of Survey of Bangladesh addressing present needs of the users.


Md Mustafijur Rahman

Projects Implemented since 1992 in Survey of Bangladesh.

Project: Strengthening the Capability of Survey of Bangladesh in Geodesy

Supported by -Government of Japan

Duration-May 1992 to June 1995

Main Objectives

a)      Cooperation for establishing national Horizontal and Vertical Datum

b)      Cooperation for establishing national Geodetic Control Networks

c)      Cooperation for installation and operation of Tidal Observation Station

d)      Transfer of Technology in Geodetic Survey.

          Project: Topographic Mapping of Bangladesh-Procurement of Equipment & Machinery

Supported by-Government of France

Duration-July 1996 to June 2001

Main Objectives

a)           Acquire computer controlled cartographic system to facilitate the preparation of up-to-date maps

b)           Transfer of digital technology and corresponding equipment’s to Survey of Bangladesh

c)           Training of officers and staff in digital mapping technology

Project: Supply of Cartographic Equipment

Supported by– Government of Japan

Duration– March 1999 to June 2004

Main Objectives

a)      To modernize the printing office by installing modern printing machines

b)      To establish Geodetic Control Network covering the entire country

c)      Training of officers and staff in handling and operating of printing machineries

Project: The Study on Urban Information Management for Greater Dhaka City

Supported by-Government of Japan

Duration-November 2002 to June 2006

Main Objectives

a)           To prepare digital topographic maps covering Greater Dhaka City (Scale of 1:5,000)

b)           To transfer related technology to the counterparts of Survey of Bangladesh

c)          To build topographic mapping and management system

 Project: Bangladesh Digital Mapping Assistant Project (BDMAP)

Supported by– Government of Japan

Duration– August 2009 to September 2013  

Main Objectives

Providing JICA expert support for the implementation of ongoing IDMS project.


On going project: Improvement of Digital Mapping System of Survey of Bangladesh (IDMS)

Financed by– Government of Bangladesh and Government of Japan (as Debt Relief Grant Assistance,                                    

Duration– 1st July 2007 to June 2016

Major Events/Activities of the Project of IDMS Project

a) Prepare digital topographic base map at the scale of 1:25,000

b) Establish Digital Mapping Center at Mirpur, Dhaka

c)  Establish Six (06) permanent GNSS-CORS stations

d) Prepare 1:5,000 scale digital topographic maps of five divisional cities   (Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal)

e) Improve the capacity and capability through modernization and training of officers and staffs

f)  Establishment of color computer to plate image setter and printing press

Project: Improvement of Cartographic Capability of Survey of Bangladesh

Financed  by– Government of Bangladesh

Duration– July 2013 to June 2016

Main Objectives

a)      To enhance the cartographic capacity to scan and convert all analogue maps to digital format

 b)     To improve the technical skills of the staffs   

          One of the important visions of any development project is to develop human resources. Survey of Bangladesh is now using latest technology to prepare digital topographic base map of 1:25,000 scale. A group of technicians are trained in home and abroad. Three digital sections were established, operated and maintained.