Developments in Sandwip

Developments in Sandwip: Reflections on four years’ tenure of People’s Leader Shahjahan

Md. Mahadi Hasan Jiku

Entitled as the great man of Awami Politics of Sandwip, Master Shahjahan is a not only name but an institution himself.  He is an architect of political coexistence in Sandwip. As a result of his untiring efforts, new committees of Awami League, Juob League, Chhhatra League and Women’ League in Sanswip upzilla have been forme and the party has been well-organized in Sandwip than ever before. He is a successful leader and an ideal chairman of the upazilla. By dint of his efficient and able leadership, there comes a notable change in the politics of Sandwip. Today, the scenarios of development, law and order situation, administration, education, sport and cultural activities have got a new dimension in Sandwip.

In fact, I have no that capacity to focus on the contributions and efforts of people’s leader Shahjahan in my writing. The contribution of Alhaj Master Shahjahan to every sphere of life and society in Sandwip is undeniable. He is a dedicated political leader, an ideal educationist, a committed social worker and a reputed sports and cultural personality. He has established various academic, social, cultural and religious institutions in Sandwip. As Upazila Chairman, he has made a lot of contributions for all-round development in Sandwip. Noted below is a brief summary of the developmental works he has performed as the chairman of upazilla from January 2009 to 30 June 2012.

Developments under LGED

25 km-roadway has been constructed at the cost of Tk 2, 54, 6100.00. In the fiscal year of 2011-12, an amount of Tk 2,000,000.00 has been allocated for the development of residential houses.

Besides this, three more roads have been constructed at the cost of Tk. 23, 35,700.00. 15 govt. primary school buildings at the cost of Tk 58,4,43,942.00 and 8 new non-govt. registered primary school buildings at the cost of Tk 3, 000, 01,455.00 have been constructed, along with this, 10 primary school buildings have been repaired. Two Union Parishad Complexes have been built up at the cost of Tk 131, 00, 000.00. Excluding this, development works of 22 roads have been carried on and two bridges have been constricted.

Under Char Land Development and Rehabilitation Project, the construction works of two multipurpose cyclone centre-cum-primary school at the cost of Tk. 1371, 51853.35 and also the construction works of two culverts along with u-drain including 15.50-km kuncha road at the cost of Tk 131, 51,853.35 are in progress in Urichar union .

In the fiscal year of 2011-12, 2012-13 under the 3rd  Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP-3), construction works for extra class rooms in 9 primary schools at the cost of Tk 3,41,73,588.50 and repair works of for 6 primary schools at the cost of Tk. 23,87,639.43 are in progress.

Developments in Primary Education Sector

Repair works of 63 primary schools at the cost of Tk 18, 90,000.00 and 4 primary schools at the cost of Tk. 8, 00,000.00 have been completed in last three years. Besides, 232 assistant teachers and 8 headmasters have been recruited in the primary schools in Sandwip.

Developments in Agriculture Sector

During the season of Aush rice in last three years, under Agricultural Rehabilitation Scheme Urea 84.8 M. Tons, DAP 8 M. Tons, TSP 36 M. Tons and MOP 47 M. Tons of chemical fertilizers and 4 M. Tons of seeds of paddy have been distributed free of cost to the 4,400 farmers in Sandwip. In the seasons of Aush, Amon and Robi, 3000 kgs of rice and different other crops of seeds, 8 M. Tons of Urea, 35 M. Tons of TSP and 3 M. Tons of MOP chemical fertilizers have been provided as agricultural assistance to the farmers.

Under Upazilla Agriculture Office, 2,100 farmers have been trained up on farming technology and its proper application and booklets concerned with agricultural equipment preparation cards have been distributed to 15000 farmers. Besides these, 7100 plants belonging to variety groups have been distributed free of cost among the farmers and educational institutions in Sandwip. Farmers are also motivated and inspired for cultivation of high yield variety (HYV) of rice and other crops in 6500 hectors of saline and marsh lands, which was out of cultivation before.

Development in Fishery Sector

In 2010-2011 fiscal years, 339 kgs of fish-species have been distributed in 52 fishery institutions for pisciculture and 40,920 kgs of rice have also been distributed to 682 Jatka-catching fishermen to prevent them from catching Jatka. Again in 2011-12 fiscal years, 619 kgs of fish-species have been distributed in 51 fishery institutions, and 81, 840 kgs of rice have been distributed to 682 fishermen for preventing them from killing Jatka. In the fiscal year of 2012-13 also, 832.50 kgs of fish- species have been distributed in as many as 100 fishing institutions.

Developments under BRDB

In the last fiscal year under the project of One House One Firm” total 384 beneficiaries have been supplied with tube-wells, tins (CIS), castles, goats, hens and decks and tree plants. Members under this project have been distributed Tk 31, 40,420.00 against their saving deposit in the head of welfare grant for them, and an allocation of Tk. 49,62,000.00 have been received for providing rotating credit among the members of the project.

Developments in Union Information Service Centre (UISC)

In the last fiscal year, equipments of Tk 56, 00,000.00 have been received for 14 union information service centres of Sandwip from Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). Among these equipments, two laptops, one printer, 4 solar panels, two batteries and one scanner with necessary number of furniture have been provided to each of the 14 unions.

Developments under Education Engineering Department

In the last three years, new buildings of 123 in 13 high schools have been built up at the cost of Tk 2, 27, 00,000.00. Besides, at the cost of Tk 95, 00,000.00, repair works have been done in two high schools and one college.

Developments under Public Health Engineering Department

In 2009-10 fiscal year, 40 deep tube-wells have been set-up and as many as 58 sets of sanitary latrines have been distributed free of cost to different unions.

In  the fiscal year of 2010-11, 56 deep tube-wells have been set up and 200 sets of sanitary latrines have been distributed free of cost to the different unions, and in 2011-12 fiscal years, 20 deep tube-wells have been set up and 90 sets of sanitary latrines have been distributed free of cost to different unions.

In the last three fiscal years, total 116 deep tube-wells have been set up and as many as 348 sets of sanitary latrines have distributed free of cost among the people of different unions in Sandwip.

Development in Forestry

In the last year, 1000 plants of trees have been distributed among 92 organizations, where remain the plants of fruit bearing, plants of foresting and medicinal plants. Besides this, as part of coastal forestation, 2490 mangrove trees have been planted in 3672.3 acres of land in Sandwip.

Developments in Health Sector

Up to the year of 2008, three were 25 community clinics in total in Sandwip upazila. From January 2009 to June 2012, 4 community clinics have been built up and one more community clinic is construction.

Besides, lands are arranged for 7 more community clinics and efforts are taken to arrange land for 5 more community clinics to set as earlier as possible.

In addition to all these, a 20-Bed Hospital has already been built in Haramia union. By this, government has approved of administration and recruitment of manpower of the hospital. Ti is expected that this hospital would start functioning soon.

Already 37 solar electric units have been set up in Sandwip Upazila Health Complex and under its Union Sub-Centres including the Health and Family Welfare Centres across Sandwip. Besides, tiles have been set up in inter-sections of Upazilla Health Complex.

Developments under Water Development Board

In last three years, at the cost of Tk 521.55 lakh, 3.20-km embankments including bridge closing and 4.50- km attentive embankments and one five-van sluice gate have been constructed.

Developments under Relief and Rehabilitation Programme

From January 2009 to June 30, 2012, with the allocation of 3.25 M. Tones of food grains and hard cash of Tk. 1, 77, 00,000.00 under Rural Infrastructural Reform Programme (Kabikha), 883 projects have been implemented in Sandwip and with the distribution of 4484 M. Tones of food grains under Rural Infrastructure Maintenance Programme (T.R.), 2262 projects have been materialized.

Under the Employment Programme for Extreme Poor, at the cost of Tk 7, 74, 75,600.00 through 773 projects 5, 13,953 working days of employment have been offered to the extreme poor living across Sandwip. Under Climate Trust Fund, at the cost of Tk 75,25,000.00, cyclone-tolerant houses have been built for 70 families and provided them with these houses in due time.

Besides, at the cost of Tk 81, 95,852.00, five new bridges have been built in different points of village roads. In addition to all these, as instant humanitarian assistance, sufficient saris, lungis, blankets, for women, man’s wear, CI Sheets( Dau Tins) and hard cash, etc. relief materials have been distributed among the natural disaster and cold affected families of Sandwip.

Developments under Women’s Affairs Department

Within the period of January 2009 to 30 June 2012, under the assistance of the Office of Upazilla Women’s Affairs, 120 women have been trained up on sewing and tailoring. Under Distressed Women’s Development Programme (VGD), rice has been distributed among 2,727 distressed women. And under Maternity Allowance Programme, 742 poor mothers have been provided with maternity allowances.

Scholarships for Meritorious Students

Along side these activities, students having GPA-5 in the SSC exam held in 2010 have been awarded the merit scholarships.


There is no denial of the fact that by virtue of his hard efforts and efficient leadership in the island of our Sandwip, political coexistence gains attention of all. Law and order situation and peace and social security gain a new dimension. For which, he wins the award of Best Upazila Chairman from National Human Rights Society and Honour from TRAB.

His different activities and honest efforts have inspired the people of Sandwip towards Awami League, for which one mayor, 10 union parishad (UP) chairmen, 76 UP members, 24 women Up members, 7 municipal councillors and 3 women municipal councillors have been elected from among the supporters of Awami League.

Since his taking over the responsibly of Upazila Chairman, Master Shahjahan B A has been considering the river erosion as the number one problem of Sandwip. Realizing this, he became serious about the issue of Sandwip Cross-Dam. So, he has taken a bold step for this purpose. By his untiring efforts, Sandwip Urirchar Cross-Dam is now under the process of implementation. It is a very praise-worthy task of Master Shahjahan.

I feel that to implement all his initiatives for Sandwip, Master Shahjahan should be elected Member of Parliament from Sandwip. If he is elected MP, it will be easy for him to implement his initiatives and to undertake many more projects for the development of Sandwip. I hope Sandwipees will realize it and elect him MP. And Sandwipees will also realize it that by electing him MP, they will be benefited not only more but also the development of Sandwip will continue uninterruptedly.