Dhaka College: The Department of Botany

Prof. Dr. Shelima Begum, Head of the Department of Botany, Dhaka College

Department of Botany of DhakaCollege unlike other Botany department of’ government and non-government college in Bangladesh has a long traditional history of Higher secondary and Graduation level (Pass course). Masters Course in Botany was introduced in early 1995-1996 session. In 1997-1998 session, honors course was subsequently opened under the NationalUniversity, Gazipur by Prof. Late Naiyer Sultana (Former Principal of Dhaka College. former Director General of’ Secondary and Higher Education and also former member of’ Public Service Commission). We feel her absence in every corner of our department, because of her great contribution in transforming the department in the present form.

Earlier this department was situated in the southern end of main academic building. But now it is situated in the academic Bhaban-2 (Formally known as Udvid Biggan Bhahan. foundation stone layed by Prof Naiyer Sultana). Though Honors and Masters course was introduced in late 1990’s, professors’ post was created in October 2004. Prof. Dr. Shelima Begum is the first professor of this department. The Current Head of Botany Department is also Prof Dr. Shelima Begum.

Field -of Studies

The basic concentration of the undergraduate program covers the following subject.

Microbiology, Mycology, Higher cryptogams, Physiology, Biodiversity,

Environmental Science, Physiology, Photochemistry, Plant Pathology, Genetics,

Cytogenetics,  Biostat, Plant taxonomy, Limnology, Ernbroyology, Anatomy of

plants, Biotechnology etc.

The course cover some aspects to improve student’s skill like, Biotechnology, Plant pathology, plant tissue culture. In Master level two- special paper is studied such as plant pathology and Microbiology conducted by Prof. Shelirna Bcgum, Prof. Mahfiaza Huq and Dr. Nurun Nahar.  I



In addition to the facilities of central Library of Dhaka College Department of Botany has its own collection, thousands of books. Publication, Journals etc in the Seminar. It is easily accessible by teachers and student a 1ike. As well as laboratory has already been established in which classes can be conducted The Department also has computer facility.

Student are also taken on a study tour as a part of’ their curriculum each year to know the biodiversity of plants, natural beauty as well as medicinal value their uses as food and ecological importance. ~As a result it gives a practical experience besides the traditional class from learning. Excursion is Compulsory for all the Students of Botany Department.

Student Research and Extracurricular Activities

In order to complete their course, students need to submit their term paper, Practical notebook and excursion report. Some students are also associated with Socio­-economic activities, like Rover scout, BNCC, -Red crescent, Badhon.

The Student of Botany are also known for their excellent academic result. In 2009 a student achieved First class 1st. in his honours Examination. Four first class was obtained in honours and 24 first class also obtained in Masters in last year (2012) under the national university.

The students of Botany participate in many inter college and national competitions. These include essay competition, quizzes, poster writing in every 5th June of the year students celebrated world environmental day by rallying, making poster and planting trees around the college Campus.

Job opportunities for Botanist

On successful Completion of the undergraduate and. Masters the Botanist expected to serve in Public and Private sectors such as Ministry of Education. Forestry, Tea Garden. Pharmaceutical industry. National herbarium, Nursery, Botanical Garden, Biotechnology lab, Agriculture and other local government, NGO’s, Bank.

Future plan of Botany Department

The department is still working to- ensure the academic excellence of current undergraduate and graduate programm. So the special interest will be given to setup a modern department with adequate laboratories facilities.

Faculty Member’ List Botany

Sl. No Name Designation
1. Dr. Shelima Begum Professor & Head of the Department
2. Mahfuza Huq Professor
3. Kamal Afroza Ahmed Professor
4. Dr. Nurun Nahar Professor
5. Donogopal Shaha Associate Professor
6. Hosneara Khatun Associate Professor
7. Ashsafee Jahan Assistant Professor
8. Aliul Haque Assistant Professor
9. Tasnima Shirin Assistant Professor
10. Jillur Rahman Assistant Professor
11. Ziaul Kabir Lecturer
12. Sydur Rahman Demonstrator