Dhaka College: The Department of History

Prof. B.M Mahmuda Akhter, Head of the Dept Department of History Dhaka College, Dhaka

History is the sequential records of the gradual development of greater human society which came into being because of human relationship, exchange of clash and co ordination among the human races. History may be called the store house/record of human activities. As we can collect wealth from our depository to meet our need, so we can gain our knowledge about the ups and downs of any country and nation from the past history.

Though history is the events of the past, yet it is not dead rather alive. History as a living past, remains alive in the present. So, if we like to know and realize the present properly, then we have to know the far past first. It is because the present lies in the long past. So, the `Past’ is used to know and understand the present well, that is, we have to learn history. Social stability is essential for the proper development of a country and a nation. History is the silent witness of thousands of societies that appear on the page of history and out of those societies which one became unstable and which one degenerated. It is very important that we can take the necessary directives from history to make the present society stable.

History department of DhakaCollege has a long tradition and glorious history. From the very beginning of the college, it was Intermediate and degree level.

Honours Course has been started from 1984-85 academic session under Dhaka university. In 1997 honours in History like other subjects of Dhaka College came under the authority of national university. Masters Course has been started from 1997-98 session. There were 45 seats for enrolment in honours first year and the same in masters course. From then a large number of graduates and post –graduates obtained their degrees. Many of them are engaged in various jobs in different government and non government Organizations. At present more than thousands of students are studying in honours and masters course.

A group of renowned teachers like Prof. Motiur Rahman, Prof. Azizul Hossain Khan, prof. Syed Ali Naki. Prof. Mahzuza Khanam, Prof. Dilara Hafiz, Prof. Umme Salma Akter, Prof. Muhammad Ibne Inam, Prof. Rokeya Rahman, Prof. Mahmuda Samad and Prof. Dr. Sultana Nigar Chowdhury had served here for a long time and developed this department with their highest efforts and efficiency. Now a group of brilliant and dedicated teachers leading with Prof. B M Mahmuda Akhter Head of the Department are engaged in the department. The result of this department is satisfactory and unique. More than once, the students of the Department establish their names in the national merit list. Besides the Students of the department are involved in different extra curriculum activities which help them immensely. This department has a glorious history of being continuous champion of Inter Department Football Tournament.

Faculty Member’ List

Sl. No

Name Designation


Prof. B M Mahmuda Akhter Professor & Head of the Department


Nazmul Karim Associate Professor


Hasina Nigar Kabir Associate Professor


Sabiha Islam Associate Professor


Sofiun Nahar Associate Professor


Fardousi Amin Associate Professor


Latika Sarkar Assistant Professor


Salma Akter Assistant Professor


Md. Hafizur Rahman Assistant Professor


Arifena Azizunnahar Assistant Professor


Hena Rahman Lecturer


Rezwana Akhter Zahan Lecturer


Sheiak Rehana Khanam Lecturer