Dhaka College: The Department of Management

Prof. Dr. Md. Alauddin, Head of the Department of Management, Dhaka College

Since the distant past, the term ‘Management’ has been frequently used in human society. With the gradual flourishing of civilization, ‘Management’ has reached its present stage through evolution. Although it originated in ancient Mesopotamia, Syria and China, it came into the touch of modernity after the industrial revolution. At present the industrially developed countries have made this branch of knowledge too rich. No Organization can survive without lacking any factors like efficient Management. Now a day’s doctors, engineers, army officer and executives of distinguished discipline are much more eager to pursue M.B.A Degree. Because it is now realized to all sectors of professionals that an efficient management is immense needed in irrespective of areas in world. Management belongs to multidimensional knowledge which are needed to the Organization to be successful. It has distinguished branches. The two of them are important like Human Resources Management (HRM) and Materials Management. HRM is related with the personnel affairs of the Organization which is more complicated to manage and Materials Management is related to Supply Chain Management which emphasizes on supplying materials for production and delivering finished goods for marketing. The ‘time’ is the main factor here for production and marketing. All things should be performed in appropriate time. Management used to provide all sorts of knowledge required to manage an Organization effectively and efficiently. An Organization can reach pinnacle of the success and goodwill applying management knowledge

Management is involved with all aspects of human life. From rocking chair to graveyard and religious place to business organization Management exists there to. All sorts of activities are done systematically following management knowledge. If we look at the family which is consisted with parents, children, grandfather and grandmother etc. If there is mismanagement, no child world be learned or true human being rather they would be derailed and may go to be spoiled. Why this would be happened. Because of lack of proper guidance from the guardian this must be happened. Here guidance denotes management.

Management is surrounded by some functions like planning, Organizing. Staffing, Directing, Co-ordination, Leadership, Motivating and Controlling These functions are performed sequentially and smoothly with a view to achieve goals and objectives of the Organization. If there is any disruption of these functions it would be difficult to achieve organizational goals. Management creates both social and entrepreneurial leaders. Without good leadership no society, no venture can survive. The leaders have the charismatic power of influencing people to be loyal and dutyful towards the concern Organization, This is also contribution of Management.

Under this backdrop it is worthwhile to mention that without management practices no organization can be successful even can not survive either it is social organization or

business organization.

Though Management had been taught in various institutions, DhakaCollege launched the subject in 1972 with a view to creating skilled managers for effectively running the industrials institutions of the country and reshaping the country’s economic sector. In this backdrop professor A. M. M. Azhar, the then principal of DhakaCollege, took initiative to reconstruct the Business Department and open two separate departments namely Management and Accounting; and he was actively assisted by Professor Nazir Uddin Ahmed, Professor Gazi Ahmed, Professor Latifur Rahman, Professor Abul Hossain, and such other renowned educationists. Basically, as a result of the sincere effort of these personalities, the Dhaka University Authority permitted DhakaCollege to launch the Honours Course in Management and Accounting in the session of 1972-73. So, the Business Department turn into Business Faculty.

Though the Honours Course in Management started in 1972-73, the classes of both the Departments were conducted under the guidance and control of Business Faculty, University of Dhaka. The teachers of both the Departments jointly conducted all the classes. Professor Latifur Rahman had been here in this department for three terms as the head of the department. A group of renowned professors like professor Quazi Md. Nurul Islam Faruki, Professor Gazi Abdus Salam, Professor Abu Yusuf, Mr. Pranab Chandra Dey, Professor Abu Bakar Siddique, Professor Mojahar Jamil, professor Mahiuddin and Professor Chowdhury Alauddin had been served here for quite a long time and built this department with their highest efforts and efficiency. For the sincere attempt, merit and skillful handling the department by these professors, it came out as the renowned department of the college within a very short period of time. At present the head of the department is professor Dr, Md. Alauddin, under the effective leadership and guidance of him, the department is running well.

The result of the department is satisfactory and unique. More than once, the students of the department enlisted their names in the national merit list. Besides, the students

Faculty Member’ List Management

Sl. No

Name Designation


Dr.Md. Alauddin Professor & Head of the Department


Mumtaj Shirin Associate Professor


Shahidul Islam Associate Professor


Mohammod Ullah Associate Professor


Shamima Parvin Associate Professor


Md. Jamal Hossain Associate Professor


Sufia Akter Assistant Professor


Md. Ruhul Momin Assistant Professor


Md. Mizanur Rahman Assistant Professor


Ahamed Karim Assistant Professor


ASM Fazle Rabbyee Lecturer