Dhaka College: The Department of Mathematics

Associate Prof. Md. Abul Hossain, Acting Head of the Department of Mathematics, Dhaka College

Mathematics is the queen of science. It is also called the nature of science. For the development of logical capability and training there is no other education replacing mathematics. According to C.D. Oakley-Through countless dimensions riding high the winds of intellectual adventure and fitted with the test of discovery, the mathematician track the heaven of harmony and eternal variety. There is not wholly unexpected surprise, but surprise nevertheless, that mathematics has direct application to the physical world around us. Mathematics, in a wilderness of tragedy and charge, is a creature of the mind, born to the cry of humanity in search of an invariant reality, immutable in substance, unalterable with time. Mathematics is crystallized clarity, precision personified, beauty distilled and rigorously submitted. The life of the sprit is a life of thought, the ideal of thought is truth; everlasting truth is the goal of mathematics.

The Department of  Mathematics, DhakaCollege  opened its doors to the students for honors on the April 17,1994. It is one of the oldest department of this college. The Department offers a four year B.Sc.(Honors) and a one year M.Sc. course under NationalUniversity. The experienced teachers of Mathematics department also teach the students of eleventh and twelfth classes of science group. Results of our students in the National University examinations are promising. In the previous  masters examination 149 students secured first class among 284 students. Also in honors final year result 37 students secured first class. In the H.S.C. examination near about 99% students secure A+ grade in Mathematics.

After the completion of Honors and Masters Courses in Mathematics students have good job opportunities. They can serve in both public and private organizations. They become qualified for appearing in the BCS examination. In IT sector, bank, multinational company they are getting job.

At present almost  one thousand two hundred students are studying in this Department in honors and masters label. In Mathematics Department a air conditioned well decorated Computer lab exists. Students enjoy lab facilities in practical sessions. Honours both major and non major students practice in this lab. They acquire practical experience on programming language Mathematica and Fortran which is very helpful for them for getting computer related job. They can also enjoy Internet facilities in the lab. There is a seminar room with a library which has around five thousand entries. There is an excellent academic atmosphere in this Department.

Under the curriculum of NationalUniversity there are some important and practical oriented courses are taught in Mathematics Department. Some of are Mathematica, Fortran, Lattice Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Astronomy, Differential Geometry, Theory of Numbers, Fluid Dynamics, Differential and Integral Equations, Numerical Analysis etc.

The teachers teach the students moral values along with the prescribed texts. Students take part in annual sports, football tournament every year. They can also enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of nature by observing natural objects during their study tours.

This Department is enriched with 12 distinguished teachers. Highly motivated and experienced faculties are dedicated to undergraduate teaching of Mathematics in various department such as Physics, Chemistry and Statistics. They are working hard to make a foundation or base to help to develop the motivation, skills and knowledge of the students.

Faculty Member’ List

Sl. No

Name Designation


A.K.M Salahuddein Associate Professor &

Head of the Department


Mohammad Abul Hossain Associate Professor


Akhil Chandra Biswas Associate Professor


Rayhana Taslim Associate Professor


Md. Ayub Ali Assistant Professor


Md. Anwar Hossian Mridha Assistant Professor


Farida Yeasmin Assistant Professor


Bipul Chandra Biswas Assistant Professor


Md.  Akteruzzaman Assistant Professor


Md. Rejwanul Warid Lecturer


Muhammad Jakir Hussain Lecturer


Md. Nazrul Islam Lecturer


Thowhida Akther Lecturer