Dhaka College: The Department of Sociology

Prof. Md. Shahjahan, Head of the Department of Sociology, Dhaka College

Sociology is the scientific study of human society and its origins and development, organizations and institutions. Sociology emerged from enlightening thought shortly after the French revolution, as a positive science of society. In DhakaUniversity department of Sociology started in early sixties. After liberation this discipline started in various renowned government colleges in honours and masters level like DhakaCollege.

Department of Sociology is one of the largest departments of the college in terms of number of students. The department is situated at the top floor of (4 storied building) adjacent to Shaheed Minar. The department offers graduate and undergraduate programmes under the National University of Bangladesh. However, Sociology is also offered to the eleven and twelve class students. There are 250 seats for honours first year enrollment and 300 seats for masters’ students.

There are seven qualified faculties in the department with a professional attitude. All are working with the students to provide quality education in a cordial manner as well as professional attitude. There is a student adviser who closely monitors the students, share their problems and take necessary action. After all, it’s a good atmosphere to acquire knowledge.

We have total 1300 innovative and sincere students who are serious in studies. Last year, our eight students got fist class in MSS final and two students in BSS final examination.

There is a rich seminar with near about 3000 academic books, journals. The current students use the seminar for reading and borrow books for a week. There are four well circulated daily newspapers in the seminar for the students.

Teachers also take special care of the students in co-curriculum activities and study tour. Every year study tour is arranged by the students under the guidance of the teachers. The sites which are attractive to the historians, tourists and sociology students in terms of  culture and heritage are given priority for the tour. We have a series success history in co curriculum activities, last year we won runner up trophy in intra department football tournament. We also have a national level artist and debater. Our brilliant students actively take part in student politics besides academic studies.

There is a great opportunity to take part in social activities becoming a cadet, a rover and a member of Red Crescent. Our students actively take part in any internal as well as national crisis.

At present, there are seven qualified teachers working in the department. Among them:

1.         Professor Md. Shahjahan, head of the department.

2.         Professor Saleha Khatun

3.         Zarina Mazumder. Associate Professor

4.         Khan Rafiqul Islam, Associate Professor

5.         AKM Rafiqul Alam, Assistant Professor

6.         Mohammad Dellur Rahman, Assistant Professor

7.         Sakuntala Shah, Lecturer


The German philosopher Karl Marx (1818-1883): Theory of Alienation and Garments Workers of Bangladesh.

The economic exploitation and inhuman working conditions lead to increasing alienation of man. Many of us know details of Marx’s philosophy in this regard, but here will only reproduce an extended passage from Marx:

…..Within the capitalist system all methods for raising the social productiveness of labor are brought about at the cost of the individual laborer; all means for the development of production transform themselves into means of domination over, into a fragment of a man, degrade him to the level of an appendage of a matchine, destroy every remnant of charm in his work and turn it into hated toil; they estrange from him the intellectual potentialities of the labor-process in the same proportion as science is incorporated in it as an independent power; they distort the conditions under which he works, subject him during the labor-process to a despotism the more hateful for its meanness; they transform his life time into working-time and drag his wife and child under the wheels of the Juggernaut of capital. But all methods for the accumulation of surplus value are at the same time methods of accumulation; and every extension of accumulation becomes again a means for the development of those methods. It follows therefore that in proportion as capital accumulates, the lot of the laborer be his payments high or low, must grow worse.”

Work is no longer an expression of man himself, only a degraded instrument of livelihood. It is external to the worker and imposed upon him; there is no fulfillment in work. The product of work becomes an instrument of alien purpose. The worker becomes estranged from himself, from the process as well as the product of his labor, from his fellow men and from the human community itself.

Bangladesh is a developing country which earns seventy per cent of total exporting income from garments sector. It is a rising sector where around twenty two lac female workers work with huge insecurity as well as complaint against the garments owners. Tazrin Fashion and RanaPlaza tragedy is the recent past incident that claimed more than on thou and workers’ life. It is very clear that we could avoid such a tragedy if we follow the labor security law. Government is trying to solve unrest among workers amending labor law to expend five per cent of total profit to the workers welfare.