Dhaka College: An institution of excellence

Nuran Nabi, former student, Dhaka College

I had been a student in Dhaka College in a turning point of history in 1952. It was a time that no one could forget the memoirs of those days. Today, I feel very proud of Dhaka College and the time that I got myself admitted into Dhaka College.

Since my boyhood, I had taken keen interest in sports. Along with schooling, I always kept myself engaged in sports. After passing Matriculation, I got myself admitted into Dhaka College. I passed Intermediate and Bachelor’s Degree from Dhaka College. Obviously, I spent a long time in Dhaka College. In Dhaka College, I had involved myself seriously in sports. First year, I became runner-up, and in the next three consecutive years, I became annual athletic champion.

It is really a brilliant time and a charming life, I spent in DhakaCollege. Dhaka College is still my heart-throb. My young flesh and blood grew in Dhaka College. Dhaka College is my inspiration. It is an excellent institution not only in our Bangladesh; obviously, it stands as one of the excellent academic institutions in Asia region.

I already told while I was a student in DhakaCollege, it was a turning point of history for our nation. It was a year of our great language movement. Dhaka College, its teachers, students and staff had remarkable role in our great language movement, our great liberation war and different other noble causes of the nation. Every person concerned with this great institution has a distinctive courage. This helps one to run him well in future and shine in life consecutively.

After completion of my education, I joined USAID as Training Officer and worked there for five years. I also worked as Admn Officer in IER (Colorado State College Sponsored Education Programme) for one year and a half. Later, I joined the British Council as Head of Admn and worked there for five years. I subsequently held the position of Head of Admn in ICDDRB for five years. After independence of Bangladesh, I joined theWCC as Director, only a non-Christian Director globally appointed, and continued for year and a half. Currently, I hold the position of Vice-Chairman of Maxis Mobile Limited.

I love social work and education. I have been a Charter Member of Rotary Club Dhaka North. Recently I, along with some other eminent persons, established a ‘Girls’ School & College’ in my village in Bikrampur. I am the Founder Chairman of this institution. I have profound interest in Dhaka College activities. I keep myself available always for Dhaka College affairs.

In conclusion, I thank The Guardian for allowing me to speak about DhakaCollege and for publishing a special issue on the college. I also thank the present authorities of Dhaka College, especially the Principal for her dynamic leadership qualities in taking Dhaka College to a dream-height. I also express my profuse appreciations to all.