Dhaka College: Library

Kanis Moulada Akter, Librarian of Dhaka College

DhakaCollege is one of the best old Institution in Indian sub continent. It started as a EnglishMediumSchool. The name of the school was EnglishMissionarySchool. The school was transformed into a college in 1841 and at that time the name of the school was changed to DhakaCollege. The college library also started along with the college. The college building has been shifted in different places along with its library in different times. In last phase of the shifting process in 1955 the college took its present position in west side of Mirpur Road near Dhaka New Market.

DhakaCollege under the NationalUniversity offers Honors and Masters courses inl9 Subjects. It also has an ICT Department. The various subjects that these courses offer include Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Bangla, English, Social Science, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Accounting, Management, History, Islamic history and culture, Statistics, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Geography and Environmental Science and sources of ICT.

At present the library is accommodated in 1st floor of main building of the college. Now, at the moment, the collection of books of the library is above 40,000. The Dhaka College Library has a rich collection of books on all of the above mentioned subjects/courses along with a reference section. All the books are categorized according to their subjects and places separately in a co-coordinated manner. In addition the library also hosts a collection of Journals and Magazines.

The Students, Teachers and other personnel of the college can take out books from the library except the reference books. In average, around 200 books are issued everyday. The books are issued via the card system.

Every year new books are bought in the library according to the respective course syllabus. Books that help to build character and morality in students are also purchased the student

Their is a small reading room in the library where everyday 500 students of different times of the day come to study and use the library. Theirs is also a reading table inside the library for the college teachers. The library stays open from 8:00 am. In the morning till 4:00 pm. in the afternoon. After the library closes down, the students can use the auditorium for study purpose from 4:00 pm. to 11:00 pm. The day to day activity of the library is managed by a Librarian, a assistant Librarian and four other staff.