Dhaka College must keep its glory untarnished

Dhaka College Cover

Dhaka College is one of the oldest and most reputed academic insti-tutions in this part of the word. This institution came into being on 15th July, 1835 in the form of an English school, during the regime of British.  Finally, it became Dhaka College, through the foundation stone laid down by the Bishop of Calcutta, Reverend Daniel, on 20th November, 1841, and the appointment of Mr. J. Ireland as the first Principal of Dhaka College.

While beginning, there were 289 students and 11 teachers. Among those 11 teachers, seven came from England and four others were appointed from the Bengali scholars.

The college was placed under the authority of the University of Calcutta in 1858. Four-year Degree Course was introduced in 1857, two-year Fine Arts Course in 1862 and M.A. Course in 1863. Thus Dhaka College opened the door of higher education for its indigenous people in their homeland, the present Bangladesh.

Before the partition of Indo-Pak Subcontinent in 1947, the campus of DhakaCollege was shifted many times, due to various circumstances. Finally, in 1955 the college campus was established in the west side of Mirpur Road, near Dhaka New Market, where it exists today. And this has been the permanent campus of the college.

Currently, the student of DhakaCollege is 20,000 and there are 245 highly qualified teachers to teach the students different courses. Along side this, there are a number of officers, technical and general staff to assist the students and teachers in academic, research, lab, extracurricular and other activities. Side by side the intermediate courses, Dhaka College provides Degree (Pass), Degree (Hons) and Master’s Courses through its 19 departments.

DhakaCollege has glorified its creation. It has achieved a high name and fame at home and abroad since its beginning for high quality education and excellent academic results. Its roles in our great language movement and in our great liberation war are glorious. Its roles in enhancing our culture, literature and sports are laudable. Its roles in inspiring our people and our society towards knowledge and science are remarkable.

There is no denial of the fact that to be a teacher or to be a student in DhakaCollege is a matter of great dignity. Those who once taught and those are now teaching at Dhaka College, all are known to be eminent teachers in the society. Those who once studied and those who are now studying at Dhaka College, all are known to be brilliant students in the society. Dhaka College has made the pioneering role of education in Bangladesh. Its contribution in different ways to the nation is unparallel.

But, DhakaCollege is losing its hard-earned glory day-by-day, mainly because of political violence, created by some students belonging to party politics, over trifling matters or their selfish motives. Our people never want to see Dhaka College in any violent situation. Dhaka College is our pride and the maker of history of our education in Bangladesh. We all want to see it always in peaceful academic environment and in its glorious position.

In meeting the educational demand of this modern age, DhakaCollege must play a leading role. In this context, the college, of course, needs to improve its overall facilities and solve the different problems and shortages of the institution. Realizing this, the  college, under the untiring efforts and able leadership of Principal Professor Ayesha Begum, PhD has already implemented a number of development activities in different aspects, including physical infrastructures and has also made a remarkable achievement in academic results.

Aiming to reflect the different issues of challenges and developments of DhakaCollege, this issue of The Guardian contains the valuable interview of the principal and articles of vice-principal, heads of departments and others. All these valuable stories focus on the problems, potentials, achievements and future plans of Dhaka College. We hope that this issue will draw the proper attention of our policy makers and our valued readers will also find interest in reading it.

In the end, we urge our policy makers, our political parties and all to give due attention to the development and tradition of DhakaCollege, so that DhakaCollege can be able to keep its glory untarnished.