Diganta Choyan-Sandwiper Narigon: A book of biography

The editor of the book, Saleha Begum, has sacrificed ample time from her busy hours to publish it with pleasure.

In the age of woman’s emancipation, it is very much encouraging and enchanting that a good number of ladies like the educationists  and professionals have chosen by Saleha, editor of the book, as her good bold step to throw a flash of light on the sights and sound of Sandwip  to help the readers know to some extent the facts and figure of the island Sandwip and its successful ladies, where Saleha herself is also a successful lady.

I, the reviewer of the book ‘Diganta Choyan- Sandwiper Narigon (Touching to the Horizon: Some Ladies of Sandwip), have gone through this noble script, though through a bit haste, with so much enthusiasm. The editor of the book, Saleha Begum, has sacrificed ample time from her busy hours to publish it with pleasure.

Dr. Anisuzzaman, an eminent professor of DhakaUniversity, has been kind enough to write down the “introduction” of the book and convoyed cheers to 64 writers for their valuable writings along with thanking the editor.

Jibon Anda Das, a well known poet personality to all literate persons of Bangladesh, has heaped a sigh as like as many other great guys remarking “I have traveled a long way across the high seas, highest mountain and the largest desert, the longest river, a lot of lakes, lands and places under the sun enriched in wealth and properties, beautiful scene and things, but I haven’t merely seen my own beautiful land of Bangladesh”. In the book of Saleha, Shafinaj Nurun Nahar, the first one here holding the biography among those 64, so far for the first time, has made the people at home and abroad know to some extant or more regarding the most household topics of Sandwip.

Biography of as many as 64 ladies belonging to high academic arena have been included here in the book, all of whom have been already successful in their respective field of profession.

Professionally some of them are well established in the capacity of professor of Universities, Judges in the legal profession having possessed the degree of Barrister at Law, Philosophae Doctorate, so and so forth. In fact the women folk are expected to bring fourth glorious name and fame for Sandwip.

We believe that the book is sufficient to spread out the concept of such identity of the women coming from Sandwip, carrying on dignified professional careers. I wish the book be widely circulated at home and abroad.

SM Latif Talukder is a researcher, writer, psychologist and a former teacher of the University of Dhaka.