DMC: The Department of Biochemistry

-Professor Dr. Shahnila Ferdousi 

Biochemistry enriches medical science by explaining the dynamic chemistry of human body. It has a very important and sometimes confirmatory role in disease diagnosis. The Department of Biochemistry of Dhaka Medical College is devoted to convey the knowledge of biochemical aspects of life to the learners and to serve the patients by providing laboratory investigation facilities.

The Department of Biochemistry started its journey as a separate entity since 1995. Till then the academic activities had been conducted in collaboration with Physiology.

It is situated in the second floor of the academic building of Dhaka Medical College with well established laboratories, teachers’ room and tutorial classrooms.
1. To provide up-to-date knowledge of medical biochemistry and molecular biology to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
2. It offers a broad range of biochemical investigation facilities for admitted patients as well as patients from outdoor department.
3. It serves the medical community by reflecting biochemical parameters of the population and provide information for further studies through the research activities conducted by the department.

Academic Resources
This department is one of the efficient medical biochemistry teaching departments in Bangladesh for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It consists of 14 members. Professor Dr. Shahnila Ferdousi is the Head of the Department. The other members of the faculty are Dr. Mohammad Hafizur Rahman, Associate Professor; Dr. Ifat Ara Begum, Associate Professor; Dr. Afia Shahnaj, Assistant Professor; Dr. Monzarinmahal, Assistant Professor; Dr. Mahbooba Akhter, Assistant Professor; Lecturers are Dr. Shahara begum, Dr. Farzana Akhter, Dr. Sunjida Arina, Dr. Mohammad Shibleezaman, Dr. Shaireen Akhter, Dr. Bidoura Sharmin, Dr. Irin Sultana and Dr. Helena Parvin. Md. Zakir Azam works as the Biochemist.

Other Human Resources
Other members of the department are- Md. Saud (MLSS), Md. Johurul Haque (MLSS), Most. Farhana Khatun (Guard), Md. SumonUzzal (Cleaner).

Academic Activities
Undergraduate (under Dhaka University):
MBBS course having duration of one year six months (1st and 2nd year). About two hundreds and above students are enrolled per year/session. Undergraduate academic activities include-
1. Lecture: On different topics of medical biochemistry.
2. Tutorial: The topics taught on lecture classes are elaborated and further explained to the students and their feedback is taken by pre scheduled item examinations.
3. Practical: These classes are held to make the students familiar to the laboratory equipments and analytical procedures.

Postgraduate (under BSMMU and Dhaka University):
M.Phil. (Biochemistry) course having duration of two years (Part I- 6 months, Part II- 6 months and Thesis Part- 1 year). Ten students are enrolled per year/session. Postgraduate academic activities include-
1. Lecture classes.
2. Tutorial classes.
3. Practical classes.
4. Thesis/ Dissertation.
5. Participation in different CME and workshop.

Other postgraduate academic activities include lecture and tutorial classes for MD (residency and non-residency programme) and Diploma. The duration of this is six months ( Part I for non-residency and Phase A for residency). One hundred and above students are enrolled per year/session from faculty of Medicine, faculty of Surgery, faculty of Obs. and Gynaecology and faculty of Basic and Paraclinical Sciences.

Laboratory Services
The Department of Biochemistry provides practical classes for undergradate and postgraduate students. It also provides biochemical tests and reporting for hospital admitted patients and patients from outpatient departments. Laboratory services are also available for the research work of thesis students and others.

Publication of Paper
The Department of Biochemistry has keft its footprint in the era of biochemistry and molecular biology by publication of articles, case reports and research papers in different national and international journals.

This department looks forward to sustain the academic excellence, to enhance the laboratory facilities to patients and researchers by raising the overall standard of laboratory stuffs, equipments and analytical procedures.

Professor Dr. Shahnila Ferdousi is Head of the Department of Bioch-emistry, Dhaka Medical College.